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January 28, 2023

ALDE will propose that the entire profit of the Lottery to finance sports, an area which is currently “experiencing a real crisis”

The Liberals and Democrats Alliance (ALDE) Co-President Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Thursday that the political program of his party will propose that the entire profit of the Romanian Lottery will be used for financing sports, an area which is currently “experiencing a real crisis”.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu said that an appropriate financing is essential for reviving the Romanian sports, and he proposed that one of the solutions will consist in using the entire profit of the Romanian Lottery for financing sport activities. “Providing funds for those who are engaged in professional sports is necessary. You cannot perform professional sports if you are engaged also in other activities” Tariceanu stated.

ALDE Co-President also said that sports is one of the areas of excellence for Romania and this area must once again become what it was and “to bear the image of our country” into the world.

Tariceanu has indicated several areas in which efforts have to be done in order to revive the Romanian sports: education, “an indispensable issue for the health of the future generations”; the support of the mass sports as a prerequisite for setting up a selection base for professional sports; improving the infrastructure, financing the sport activities and awarding the sportsmen, as well as providing an income after retiring from the activity.

In his turn, the other ALDE Co-President, Daniel Constantin (photo), added that there are two things that need us to “immediately work on them”: amending the Sport Law and the Sponsorship Law. “Sponsorship Law doesn’t encourage the economic traders to support the teams. At the legislative level, things have to be changed, higher facilities have to be created for those who wish to invest in sports or to sponsor sports”, stated Constantin.

He also stated that counselors should exist in the sports field, attached both to the Prime-Minister’s Chancellery and to the Romanian’s President, as well as to the County Councils.

Great former professional sportsmen, such as the handball player Cristian Gatu and the tennis player Ilie Nastase, have attended to the debate on ALDE political program in the sports field, called “We restore the fame of the Romanian sports”.



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