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April 16, 2021

Nicusor Dan: USR does not enter alliance with anyone, before or after elections

Save Romania Union (USR) chairman Nicusor Dan said on Thursday in Arad that his political formation will not enter post-election alliances, as “it doesn’t give out a blank cheque to any political party in Romania, even if that party supports the Ciolos Government.”

“The Save Romania Union doesn’t enter any alliance with anyone, before or after the elections, it doesn’t give out a blank cheque to any political party in Romania, even if that party supports the Ciolos Government. All political parties are responsible for the manner in which Romania has been governed in the past 26 years,” Nicusor Dan told a press conference.

He said that the USR will support “a Ciolos government.”

“We shall not enter that type of negotiation in which we share all positions and don’t care about what others do with the ministries they have assigned. On the contrary, we don’t request minister positions for the USR, however we will have a word to say on the programme and the deadlines in the governance programme and we will also have a word to say on the minister positions,” Nicusor Dan maintained.

Regarding the goals the USR has set itself for the December 11 election, he said that the USR plans to garner 10 – 15 percent nationwide.

“According to the latest poll, about 10 percent of the respondents said they would vote for us on December 11. On November 23 we shall release a new poll, which will show us how we stand,” the USR leader also said.

In respect to the Arad USR organisation, Nicusor Dan said that he expects it to score 4-5 percent higher than the party on a national level.


We want ‘non-autistic’ Parliament


Nicusor Dan said on Wednesday in Timisoara that his political formation wants the “change of the political class, of the Romanian politician” and a “non-autistic Parliament.”

”Faced with the rift that separates the political class and the society, in our future activity you will see a representation of the society’s aspirations, and specifically in Parliament, each expert committee holding talks with relevant actors from the society, professional organizations, employers’ organisations, NGOs, trade unions (…). We no longer want to have an autistic Parliament, disconnected from the society (…),” Nicusor Dan told a press conference.

The USR leader also underscored that all that means public administration in Romania, including public money spending, is another important point in USR’s governing program.

”Our estimate is that some 4 – 5 bln euro are embezzled every year in Romania in public procurement contracts, an amount enough to build three motorways. We want to have a systematic control on public procurement (…) and money for development to no longer depend on the goodwill of the Ministry of Development, but that we have clear, flexible, transparent mechanisms instead, with priorities and assessment by priorities, allowing cities and communes to access development funds,” explained Nicusor Dan.

He added that he wants industries with high added value to come to Romania, but for the country to become proficient “the entire economic milieu needs to get rid of parasitic entities”, which requires fair competition, cutting red tape and the courage for the Romanian state to invest in industries with good perspectives in the next five or ten years, regardless of the field.

The USR chairman also underscored that he expects his formation to grab 10 – 15 percent of the votes in the upcoming parliamentary election.


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