PM Ciolos dismisses Adrian Sanda, the head of the State Secretariat for Revolutionaries, picked up by the prosecutors on Wednesday, in the allowances case

PM  Dacian Ciolos took the decision to dismiss Adrian Sanda (photo), the head of the State Secretariat for Revolutionaries, who was picked up by the prosecutors in the case related to the illegal granting of titles for revolutionaries, according to sources from inside the Government.

Searches took place at the headquarters of the State Secretariat for Revolutionaries, according to the quoted sources. A total of 21 house searches were performed in this case, in which several people are accused by abuse of office with highly serious consequences, influence peddling, influence buying and forgery of private documents. The checks were performed by the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department, of the Bucharest Police Department, as well as by police officers from Ilfov, Brasov, Bistrita-Nasaud, Caras Severin and Vrancea.

The investigators claim that the GEO no.95/2014 amended and completed the Law no341/2004 on the gratitude for the victory of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989 and for the anti-communist revolt of the working class from Brasov since November 1987, and a new category of revolutionaries was included, namely the “Fighter with a Decisive Role” – assigned to those who had a decisive role in the period from 14th to 22nd of December, 1989, in starting and causing the victory of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989.

“This legal amendment favored the appearance, both at the level of the county associations of revolutionaries and the level of the two public institutions in charge with granting these titles (the Parliamentary Committee of the Revolutionaries of December 1989 – CPRD, and the State Secretariat for the Recognition of the merits of the fighters against the communist regime established in Romania in the 1945-1989 period  – SSPR), of certain persons interested to promote the actions of the revolutionaries from the country, asking them in exchange of these services, various amounts of money in order to fraudulently obtain the titles of “Fighter with a Decisive Role” in the Revolution and hence, illegally obtaining the corresponding royalties”, according to a press release of the Prosecutor attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

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