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September 18, 2020

Traian Basescu rejects collaboration with PSD: They can’t be our partners

Popular Movement Party (PMP) President Traian Basescu stated on Tuesday in Brasov, at the launch of PMP’s candidates for Parliament, that “the Social Democratic Party cannot be PMP’s partner in any Government, in any ruling coalition.”

“In what concerns alliances, I want to tell you that PSD cannot be our partner in any Government, in any ruling coalition. I don’t have to explain it anymore, but PSD, no matter how big it is, is a party that has no kind of leaning toward modernising systems. Whether we are talking about the healthcare system, the education system, whether we are talking about cutting red tape. No, they have no kind of vision from this standpoint. There is another area in which their vision is bankrupt and matches Tariceanu’s, namely the use of public funds when the country is in an economic growth cycle. Of course, they have to be channelled toward the citizen too, but not correctly distributing the resource surplus economic growth gives you is a crime,” Traian Basescu pointed out.

The PMP President believes that money should be distributed between hiking salaries, hiking welfare benefits and development.

“And if everything won is allocated to consumption, when will the country develop?” Basescu said.

He added that as long as economic growth is channelled in its entirety toward the population we will have nothing left to use in order to lower the disparity between us and developed countries.

“So we won’t be a populist party that says we will give the population everything we have, in order for them to vote for us. It must be split between the population and development. I reject from the start any kind of populist politics which is bankrupt for the country and does not create development,” the PMP President emphasised, Agerpres informs.

Referring to the union with the Republic of Moldova, Traian Basescu said that while during previous elections only 10 percent of Moldovans were pro-Europe and 3 percent unionist, on Sunday 48 percent of them were pro-Europe, the unionists being included in this figure.

“This process of union with the Republic of Moldova has to continue and, in my assessment, in five or six years a critical mass will be reached in the Republic of Moldova, which could lead to a successful referendum on union or to Parliament voting in favour of union. This objective is tangible and if other political parties haven’t noticed the importance of the objective, we have committed to the objective of reunifying the country,” the PMP President added.

At the end of the speech he gave at the launch of the candidates, Traian Basescu encouraged the more than 400 PMP members present at the event to exert a major effort in the upcoming period in order for the party to register a two-digit score in the December 11th elections.

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