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May 26, 2020

Victor Ponta: “Technocrat” and “German” policies mean economic and demographic destruction, young people’s exodus

Victor Ponta wrote in a Facebook message that Romania is divided in terms of incomes and geographic areas, stating that a Government should take care of all social groups, including the disadvantaged ones. He compared the situation to the elections in the USA, which were highly affected by the impoverished groups.

“In some cases, Romania resembles America / unfortunately, in a negative way! I will explain below what I am talking about!

My first actions in this electoral campaign were intentionally in Hunedoara, Targu Jiu, Otelul Rosu and Resita! Because in these areas, there are living Romanian citizens that are the most threatened by the “Technocrat” Government and its “German” anti-economic and anti-social policies!

These Romanians are completely abandoned and ignored (even despised and insulted) by those who believe that Romania starts and ends in the Center of Bucharest or Cluj, by those who live from wages of thousands of Euros, taking their children to private schools I Brussels and treating themselves in private hospitals represented by the Health Minister Voiculescu from the “Ciolos” Government!

Donald Trump won the Presidential Elections in USA especially because of the unexpected and huge support of the people from the so-called “Rust Belt” – the states in this region are named like this because “they have an economy in recession, a demographic decrease, an accentuated level of unemployment, a lack of investments and de-urbanization business opportunities, as well as a decrease of the social services – all of these because the destruction of the industrial and production sectors which represented the main activity”!!!!




Yes – the description from above referring to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan or Wisconsin seems to speak also about Hunedoara, Gorj or Caras Severin (as well as about Salaj, Maramures, Bacau, Galati, Calarasi, Brasov, Targoviste, Turnu Magurele, Vacea and many others)!!! California and New York (which normally, voted Hillary Clinton) develop for nothing if millions of people are left without any chance to have a decent life and a predictable future!

When I became PM in 2012, the first requests from the “international partners” referred to the “restructurings” from the Romania’s “Rust Belt” – to close the energy produced by coal (and o imoport “green” energy from the Czech Republic, Germany, etc.), to declare the bankruptcy of the UCM Resita (in order to bring only machines produced in France or Germany to the Romanian hydropower plants), to close mines (and to import coal from Poland)! To close hospitals because they are not “efficient”, to merge schools because there are not anymore children, and to tell people in the region to live from tourism!!!

I was clear – as long as I am the Prime-Minister and PSD is governing, these anti-social and anti-economic ideas will not be implemented!!! And it was like I said.

But technocrats came in 2016, and the destruction of that region (and of the future of the Romanians who live there) started “step by step” – with a “German” organization! And Mr. Ciolos and his Ministers are implementing this strategy and they wish to finalize it by 2017-18.

Unfortunately, there is not only one “Rust Belt” in Romania, whose destruction is programmed (the irony of the history makes this to be exactly the region around Sarmizegetusa – our historic symbol)!!! We have a few oases of development in the “European” meaning: Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Oradea (where there are also 5 people working hard with the minimum salary per economy, for one well-paid young person) – in the rest of the country, “technocrat” and “German” policies mean economic and demographic destruction, the exodus of the young people, the lack of hope in the future!

I am convinced that the responsibility of the next Government is to take care of these ignored and despised regions in Romania! “The beautiful and free young people” having salaries of thousands of euros from multinational companies, going to protests organized on Facebook and holding their “Starbucks” coffee, must understand that the country belongs to everybody – and that a so divided society in terms of economy, needs unity and solidarity, and not “The Law of the Jungle” governing us today! And being proposed by the Propaganda, Iohannis, Ciolos and PNL as the only Romanian law for the coming years!” wrote Victor Ponta on Facebook.


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