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May 6, 2021

Ciolos to Iasi protesters: Not all problems are solved by prime minister

The prime minister cannot solve all problems, Romanian Premier Dacian Ciolos on Friday told employees of the former heavy equipment manufacturer Fortus SA who were picketing the Iasi Prefecture House, in eastern Iasi.

Ciolos recommended the protesters to accept negotiations with a special committee.

“In this state each has their responsibility. Not [all problems] are solved by the premier. It’s not an authoritarian, sellout state, where the prime minister just lifts a finger and solves the 20-year old problems. There are many other persons in the state. I cannot decide by myself in the place of those who have the authority to decide in the respective situation,” Ciolos told the Fortus SA unionists.

He recommended the unionists to accept negotiations with the members of a committee set up to deal with the situation at the former heavy equipment manufacturer Fortus SA, but they showed distrustful.

Ciolos was welcomed to jeers and whistles by leaders of the 420 employees of the Fortus SA, a former heavy equipment combined plant currently undergoing insolvency and reorganisation.

The unionists are dissatisfied because for four years now they haven’t cashed their outstanding wages, although according to the law they should’ve cashed 75pct of their salaries each month.

Ciolos and his deputy Vasile Dincu, minister of regional development and public administration, were on a visit to Iasi to meet at the Prefecture House local and county administration officials of Iasi and Vaslui to present to them an aid mechanism drafted by the Government for an integrated development of marginalised communities of Moldavia.

More than 100 teaching staff and employees of the Fortus Iasi company were waiting for him at the entrance to the Prefecture House.


Diminished teacher’s pay, a mistake in the piece of legislation


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos admitted on Friday in the eastern city of Iasi that there were mistakes in the piece of legislation under which pay to certain teaching staff was decreased, telling a group of protesting members of the Iasi County Pre-university Education Free Trade Unions that the Government will try to settle the mistakes in pay ordinance 20/2016.

“The cuts were mistakes. We will fix them to the extent that we can,” said Ciolos.

The Iasi teacher’s trade unions said pay to secretaries and accountants at educational facilities had decreased by between 500 and 1,100 lei. They also urged Ciolos to respect court rulings on the payment of interest on pay rights won by teaching staff in court, the award of seniority bonus to the non-teaching staff in schools, the award of hazard bonus to librarians, lab technicians and IT staff, as well as the rehabilitation of countryside schools that have running water, sewage system and their toilets are outside, in the yard.

“If you ask me to solve everything in one year using the budget of one year to solve all that has built up for the last four-five years, I’m telling you that is impossible. There is no way we can do it. There is legislation to respect in terms of budgets and allocations, and I have already earmarked funds for the healthcare and education systems for 2016,” said Ciolos.


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