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December 1, 2021

Dragnea presents fiscal measures included in “Dare believe in Romania” governance platform. PSD wants VAT at 18 pct on 1 January 2018 and zero pct dividend tax

The VAT would drop from 20 to 18 percent on 1 January 2018 and the dividend tax from 5 to 0 percent, according to the “Fiscal Measures” chapter of the “Dare to believe in Romania” governance platform that PSD President Liviu Dragnea presented on Wednesday.

At the same time, the raising of the ceiling for the option to register for the payment of VAT, in the case of SMEs and ANPs would consist of two stages: from RON 220,000 to RON 300,000 by updating the EUR/RON exchange rate, and from RON 300,000 to RON 1,000,000 by request filed with the EC. Its impact on the budget is estimated at RON 3.8 bln.

The income tax would stand at 10 percent starting on 1 January 2018, for incomes in excess of RON 24,000 per year, while for those below that level the income tax would drop from 16 percent to 0 percent. Likewise, the elimination of unemployment contributions, vacation contributions, salary arrears contributions and accident risk contributions is mentioned.

The turnover tax for micro-enterprises would be 1 percent for micro-enterprises with 1-9 employees, starting on 1 March 2017, and the turnover tax ceiling would grow from EUR 100,000 to EUR 500,000, Agerpres informs.

The profit tax for research and development centres would drop from 16 to 0 percent, with a 10-year waiver, starting on 1 March 2017. Also on that date, the VAT on real-estate purchases would be eliminated, and so would the VAT on agricultural raw materials and services.

In the case of advertisement, the VAT would drop from 20 to 9 percent starting on 1 March 2017, according to the document.

PSD also wants to eliminate the tax on the transfer of properties whose value is lower than or equal to RON 200,000, and to lower the tax to 3 percent in case of properties whose value surpasses RON 200,000, the impact on the state budget being estimated at RON 0.2 bln.

The tax on agricultural land would also drop from RON 46 per hectare to 0 percent starting on 1 January 2018. So would the tax on auto vehicles with a capacity lower or equal to 1,600 cubic centimetres, motorcycles, mini-buses, buses, tractors, trailers, freight transport auto vehicles etc.

PSD wants the setting up of limited liability companies to be free of charge and possible with a registered capital of RON 1. PSD also wants to cut red tape so that doing so would take only one day, and wants the bank account related to the LLC to be free of charge.

The platform includes an aid scheme for start-ups. The scheme stipulates the earmarking of RON 200,000 per project per entrepreneur, financing for 10,000 start-ups annually, and a simplified procedure for the filing and approval of the projects – online, in a single day.

The document reaffirms the elimination of 102 non-fiscal taxes on 1 March 2017, including the environment tax on auto vehicles, all Trade Registry taxes and the radio and TV licence taxes.


 Liviu Dragnea accuses IntMin of being more concerned about DIPI militarization that the road safety: “He was having breakfast on Dorobanti, while people were in the snow”


PSD President Liviu Dragnea accused the Minister of Interior Dragos Tudorache on Wednesday, of being more concerned about “the militarization of Two and a quarter” (e.n. – The Intelligence Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), than the road safety and coordinating the Command for emergency situations.

“Were is Mr. Tudorche? He had a single concern since the beginning of his term – to eliminate Toba, who is a professional, a person I’ve worked with and who knew the system. He left. What Mr. Tudorache does? Except wishing to militarize “Two and a quarter” by GEO?” asked rhetorically Liviu Dragnea.

He also said that “two days ago in the morning, while people were in the snow (Minister of Interior – e.n.) was having breakfast on Dorobanti”.

“The Sun Highway risks to become Death Highway because there is no coherence in preparing this season. (…) Ministers are in electoral campaign, PM is in electoral campaign, Secretaries of State are in electoral campaign, officials from there are not working because they are not coordinated in any way. How can such a governing style that is not able to ace normal challenges in a country like Romania, to be able to face regional and international challenges, which will be much higher than seven or ten snowflakes in the Southwest of Romania”, Dragnea added.

Dragnea’s remarks came after a pile up involving 17 vehicles took place on Wednesday morning, on A2, at the exit to the Bucharest ring road, for which reason the InfoTrafic Center of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police temporarily diverted the traffic. Other two car crashes took place on the Bucharest-Constanta highway, at the 10th km and at the 54th km.  The National Company for the Management of the Road Infrastructure (CNAIR) has started an investigation to check the way in which the intervention on A2 for removing the ice from the roadway was performed.

10 days ago, a pile up took place on A2, involving 30 vehicles, resulting more than 50 hospitalized people and 3 dead people.


PSD leader concerned about “the organization and coordination” of the parliamentary elections of December 11


 PSD president Liviu Dragnea declared himself on Wednesday to be concerned about “the organization and coordination” of the parliamentary elections of December 11, after the head of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) has resigned, being prosecuted for corruption deeds.

I express my concern about the coordination and organization of these elections (…) because for us, suspicions began to occur, and I hope to be totally unjustified”, Dragnea stated.

PSD leader’s suspicions started after “last days” AEP addressed “some questions” to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC), which seemed “very strange” to him.

One of these questions, given as an example by Dragnea, refers to the alternative threshold for entering the Parliament.

“The law says that the access in Parliament is allowed for a party if it received more than 5 percent of the total number of expressed votes, or if it received at least 20 percent in four counties (…) The Central Electoral Bureau is asking: ‘Couldn’t it be interpreted that the percent can be cumulated in four counties, namely to receive 40 percent in one county and to decide what other counties you add here to get the wanted result’”, detailed Dragnea. “But when such a question is asked, of course a suspicion is raised, especially now, when the AEP President has resigned”, he added.

PSD leader also said that another fear is related to the fairness of the distribution of the mandates for Senators and deputies, through the AEP software.

“We are interested in one thing: elections have to be very fairly organized, and two, to have the guarantee of a fair use of the software generating the distribution of the mandates, because a question was also addressed by AEP to BEC on this subject “, Dragnea added.



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