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June 22, 2021

Egyptian poetry, Romanian films, books on presidents released at Gaudeamus

The script and DVD version of Romanian film director Cristian Mungiu’s “Bacalaureat” (Graduation) published by the Humanitas Publishing House were released on Thursday at the Gaudeamus international book fair in Bucharest, in the presence of Mungiu and lead actor Adrian Titieni.

Mungiu talked about his production, which has won him the 2016 Cannes award for best director.

“To me, the film talks about guilt, about the feelings of someone who feels culpable, the feeling of knowing you are being watched because you know you are not perfectly honest and there are more than one truth about you,” said Mungiu.

Humanitas manager Gabriel Liiceanu said the film is “a drop of water in a story that encapsulates the image of the entire world we are living in.”

* * *

A book of selected contemporary Romanian and Egyptian poetry and a Romanian version of Ibn Khaldun’s “Prolegomena” were also launched on Thursday at Gaudeamus in the presence of State Secretary with Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) Daniela Gitman, Tunisia’s ambassador Boutheina Labidi and Egypt’s ambassador Alaa Elhadidi.

Gitman encouraged the ambassadors to unveil their projects so that they may materialise in books translated into Romanian.

Labidis said the Romanian translation of a book is a treasure, while Elhadidi said he was initially sceptical the project will come true.

Also attending the launch was Dumitru Chican, the translator of the two books.

The book of selected contemporary Romanian and Egyptian poetry comprises poetry by 30 Egyptian and Romanian authors, including Mircea Cartarescu, Marin Sorescu and Gabriel Chifu.

Ibn Khaldun was a 15th century Arab historian, philosopher and politician born in Tunisia.


* * *


A catalogue of “Pierre Alechinsky and writers” exhibition, the first big exhibition of the Belgian painter’s graphic works to be hosted by the National Museum of Romania’s Arts (MNAR), was launched on Thursday at the museum’s Gaudeamus stand.

“This is a catalogue of exceptional graphics, a catalogue that preserves, to our honour, a very important exhibition the delegation of Wallonia-Brussels has mounted as part of a collaboration of more than 20 years with them. This is a catalogue that presents the levels of the exhibition, given that there are more levels to the relationship between the artist and the authors whose books he illustrates, and I would like to mention here those who are well known to us – Emil Cioran and Eugen Ionescu. This is a catalogue of many reproductions that invites you to come and see the exhibition and even to carry it along when the exhibition is over,” said MNAR General Manager Calin Stegerean.

“The exhibition is the outcome of a collaboration between the Wallonia-Brussels delegation, the Arts Museum and the Etching and Printed Image Centre of La Louviere,” said Wallonia-Brussels delegate in Bucharest Eric Pope.


* * *


Twenty years after Emil Constantinescu was elected Romania’s President, the RAO publishing house on Thursday released a book called “Pretul demnitatii” (The Price of Dignity) by journalist Laura Ganea.

“Twenty years after winning the November 17, 1996 election, President Constantinescu has to be brought back to the public opinion, because his doings for us and the country are unknown and underappreciated,” Ganea told AGERPRES.

She said she had an opportunity to work on the team of the former president and attend some events of which little is known, and the moment has come for her to say something about them. “This is a story about people and history, not a political book,” the author said.

“I can tell you that I am but one of the many characters in this book, and it would be unfair to focus the light on some characters only. (…) Laura says that three or four years ago she came to tell me that she wanted to write a book about me. I said: ‘No. Please first of all write a book about the CDR [Democratic Convention of Romania] government at the time because they made the change possible, and unfortunately the world has forgotten them,” Constantinescu said in his turn.


Royal Family of Romania – celebrated at the Gaudeamus Book Fair


The Royal Family of Romania was celebrated on the first day of the Gaudeamus Book Fair, on Wednesday, with a triple book release dedicated to Romanian monarchy. The event concluded with Prince Radu signing autographs.

The Curtea Veche Publishing House presented the volumes titled “Queen Anne . At Home Forever”, coordinated by Alexandru Muraru, “Mihai I of Romania” – a volume for young people, signed by Adrian Cioroianu and Mihaela Simina and the Royal Calendar 2017 – a collection of photos that depict King Mihai in several periods of his life.

Director General of the Curtea Veche Publishing House Iren Arsene spoke about each editorial entry dedicated to the Royal Family and underlined, focusing on the “Queen Anne. At Home Forever” volume, that this book gathered over 40 authors, through that “powerful emotion” from the beginning of August, when the death of the Queen was announced. “Back then, on all television channels, we couldn’t hear all the voices that were paying tribute to our Queen, who didn’t reign, but influenced very much the society as if she would have ruled,” Iren Arsene added.

The volume titled “Queen Anne. At Home Forever” has been edited with the support of AGERPRES and contains photos from the archive of the National News Agency.

“This book is a gift that, in a certain way, we make to Her Majesty (…) and the book actually tells 46 stories. A number of 46 historians, political scientists, professors, men of letters, theater critics, writers, even magistrates, each one of them have written down a text about Her Majesty Queen Anne. The texts weren’t announced, or programmed before, they were written in those days, after 1 August, after the Queen passed away, and they all talk about this personality who was so overwhelming,” volume editor Alexandru Muraru stated.

Professor Nicolae Dragusin spoke about the book titled “Mihai I of Romania”, which is dedicated to young people. “We are dealing with an illustration of dynamics and stability,” he stated.



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