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May 12, 2021

Gabriela Firea: Won’t give up tenure under any circumstances. President must appoint winning coalition’s PM

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea stated once more on Wednesday evening that she will not give up her tenure for a possible nomination as Head of Government.

“I will not give up my mandate under any circumstances. If with the help of God I ended up being mayor, I have to complete my mission. The Premier has to be a person that represents the Romanians’ vote,” Gabriela Firea stated for Romania TV.

“If Romanians give a massive vote in favour of PSD, the President will have no choice but to appoint a Premier of the PSD-ALDE coalition.”


On Ciolos Government


“Today they admitted nothing has been done, but they came up with a contrast – ‘we are the government of zero populism.’ He said he won’t run and the biggest lie is that he is now PNL’s main electioneering agent. This is even worse, being on posters and not running and not legitimising yourself,” Gabriela Firea pointed out.

“I believe all Romanians notice that a coalition of austerity has been formed, between Cotroceni [the Presidential Palace], Victoriei [Government HQ] and PNL. They opposed the debt discharge law, the healthcare and education salaries law and the tax elimination law. There are funds, but you have to know how to use them. This scarecrow that there is some money but let’s keep it hidden is not fair toward the population.”


Curs-Avangarde opinion poll: Firea tops approval rating rankings


An opinion poll published on Wednesday by ‘psnews’ shows that Victor Ponta is in a tie with President Klaus Iohannis in the approval rating rankings, while the Bucharest Mayor tops the rankings.

The biggest surprise is Dacian Ciolos, which scores 46 percent, namely close to Klaus Iohannis and Victor Ponta (each scoring 47 percent) and ahead of Liviu Dragnea and Calin Popescu Tariceanu. Dacian Ciolos made a name for himself as a person that stayed aloof from political parties and did not run for public offices.

Worth noting is the fact that President Iohannis manages to maintain his approval rating level, while Liviu Dragnea and Calin Popescu Tariceanu are on a downward trend.

The surprise continues with Gabriela Firea, who takes advantage of the upward trend she set out on in the local elections and reaches 58 percent in approval ratings, surpassing all other political leaders. Bucharest’s incumbent mayor surpasses politicians of high standing and electoral clout.

What is dramatic is that over 75 percent of Romanians believe that Romania is going in the wrong direction, which denotes the citizens’ high degree of pessimism. The management of the technocratic Government has also been tested, and 22 percent of Romanians consider that the Health Ministry should be led by a technocrat. The main concern in this domain has to do with hospital infrastructure, namely the equipping and modernisation of hospitals.


Approval ratings


Gabriela Firea, Bucharest Mayor – 58 percent

Klaus Ioahnnis, President of Romania – 47 percent

Victor Ponta, ex-premier – 47 percent

Dacian Ciolos, Romanian Premier – 46 percent


Which Government was more efficient?


Ponta Government – 49 percent

Ciolos Government – 33 percent


Most reformed party


PSD – 24 percent

PNL – 21 percent

ALDE – 10 percent

PNP – 6 percent


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