Gov’t passes measures advancing active ageing, elderly protection

In its Wednesday sitting, the Gov’t  passed concrete actions and priority measures to implement a national strategy advancing active ageing and elderly protection.

The strategy is supplemented by an annex that provides details about the monitoring and the assessment of the implementation of the national strategy and its related operational plan for 2016-2020.

“As far as improving the elderly’s living standards and social security is concerned, the Government has set to develop an assistance programme for the elderly who draw no income, particularly in the countryside; the creation of integrated software comprising statistics on persons at high risks of early retirement or who have not completed the mandatory contribution time, as well as providing pre-retirement counselling via the National Public Pension House (CNPP) and its local offices,” the Government says in a press statement.

The operational plan includes measures to facilitate access of the elderly to public healthcare programmes, increase the number of resident geriatricians and their recruitment to the public healthcare system, promote healthy life styles and increase access to basic community services.

It also provides for the drawing up of county policies and programmes for active ageing designed to get the elderly engaged on cultural, social and sports events.

The Government also considers improving employment rates of older persons, integrating volunteer programmes in the human resources policies of public institutions, developing at least three national programmes to attract private persons as volunteers for public organisations, stimulating employers to hire elderly, providing career counselling and mediation, devising professional training programmes for this category – at least 42 training programmes/year, at least one per county.

According to the document, the rewriting and enforcement of the construction certificates’ procedures were re-assigned and the National Road Company (CNADNR) was reorganised, by splitting the maintenance sector from investment.

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