Rumour mill: Klaus Iohannis prepares new option for PM office

President Klaus Iohannis has a Plan B in the cards for the Premier’s office if Dacian Ciolos drops in opinion polls and is unable to boost the National Liberal Party (PNL) in next month’s elections. Political sources quoted by the press state that the President is ready to appoint at the helm of the Government the Romanian IMF official that terrified the Greeks. Coincidentally or not, she was Klaus Iohannis’s student, Romania TV informs.

In certain circles, there is already talk about a new surprise nomination for the office of Premier, one that would keep the PSD-ALDE alliance in check. And, as shown by the latest information we have obtained, Dacian Ciolos’s potential replacement could be none other than Delia Velculescu, also called the International Monetary Fund’s “Iron Lady,” ‘National’ points out.

Delia Velculescu is considered the representative of the IMF’s “ultra-neoliberal” group, namely the leader of the “hard core.” Known for her intransigent positions, the Romanian even stirred up a major diplomatic scandal after Wikileaks revealed that she tried to twist the arm of the Greek Government and of the influential German Chancellor in order to impose the Fund’s own view, being dubbed the “new Angela Merkel” as a result.

After graduating the ‘Gheorghe Lazar’ National College, Delia Velculescu lived the American dream, winning a scholarship in the United States and no longer going to college in Romania. And now, married to the reputed oncologist Victor Velculescu, she is known as the IMF’s “Iron Lady,” the representative dispatched to the most sensitive areas of the globe to negotiate with the governments of countries in crisis. A position that could also be used now as the launch pad for a spectacular return to the country she left when she came of age.

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