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September 25, 2020

Alina Gorghiu: I’m expecting Dacian Ciolos within PNL. No political office negotiated

National Liberal Party President Alina Gorghiu hopes that Premier Dacian Ciolos will become a member of PNL after December 11, pointing out however that she did not negotiate with him any political office.

“At this moment, the certainty is that Dacian Ciolos will finish his mandate as a technocrat at the Victoria Palace. He has no party membership card and I want you to note this is the first time in post-1989 history when a political party of PNL’s size understands very clearly what openness toward specialists, toward civil society means,” Alina Gorghiu stated in Botosani.

She said that joining the party is a choice that Dacian Ciolos will make after the December 11th parliamentary elections.

“It will depend on the results of the elections. We will see whether we will manage to close this beautiful circle. I’m expecting him within PNL, if this will be his wish,” the Liberal leader added.


PNL will hike public sector salaries by 30-40 pc by 2020 and double physicians’ salaries on 1 June 2017


PNL will hike public sector salaries by 30-40 percent by 2020, through sustainable measures, PNL President Alina Gorghiu stated on Friday at the launch of the party’s candidates.

“We disagree with breaking the law to carry out these hikes six months before the Government’s term ends, because it would be cynicism to know that a law cannot be passed because it breaks another law but to present it as real. I cannot lie and manipulate Romanians who earn low salaries and need this money. What I can do as a responsible party is to say that I would hike these salaries for all those working in the public sector in line with the budget and the GDP I have in Romania, in the next four years, by a sustainable 30-40 percent, so that in 2020 I would have an average salary of RON 4,238. I’m not coming up with fairy tales like Dragnea does, who goes to sleep with one minimum salary and wakes up the next day with a different salary,” Gorghiu said, pointing out that these hikes entail a budgetary impact of RON 24 billion and an economic growth of 4-5 percent per year.

Alina Gorghiu said that PNL has included in its governance platform also the doubling of physicians’ salaries, starting on 1 June 2017, but also the implementation of the Physician’s House programme which entails the construction of 900 homes for physicians.

At the same time, the Liberal leader reminded that the 16 percent flat tax was introduced by Liberals, and the platform that they will implement with the future Ciolos Government stipulates generalising the flat tax by 2020, Agerpres informs.

“We have fabulously good projects for all that the private sector means. (…) PNL wants a generalised flat tax, 16 percent on social security contributions, 16 percent payable by employee, 16 percent payable by employer, 16 percent VAT, by 2020. The generalised flat tax means low taxes, reduced tax evasion, more budget revenues and, automatically, more money to invest in the economy,” Gorghiu pointed out.

The PNL leader also promised pensioners, “who are not the monopoly of left-wing policies,” that they will no longer pay the pension tax and warned Liberal party members and sympathisers that Dragnea “has to be stopped from manipulating, because he deceives the population’s expectations.”


Eugen Nicolaescu: Physicians’ salaries to double on 1 July 2017 if Parliament votes salary law


nicolaescuFormer Health Minister Eugen Nicolaescu stated on Saturday, at a campaign rally in Craiova, that the salaries of all physicians will be doubled on 1 July 2017, provided the future Parliament adopts the salary law that PNL has asked the Labour Ministry to draft by December 10-15.

Nicolaescu stated that, according to this law, the salaries of medical personnel other than physicians will also rise by 20 percent, after which they will be raised by 20 percent each year until they double.

“According to the salary law, with the budget we will build for 2017 we will do what we set out to do through the governing platform: doubling the salaries of all physicians on 1 July 2017, in line with the standard salary grids law and the budget law; hiking the salaries of medical personnel other than physicians by 20 percent, also starting on 1 July 2017, and hiking them by 20 percent annually until they double. This is how we will build the standard salary grids law, and the econometric calculations we ran give us the possibility of sustainability,” Nicolaescu stated, Agerpres informs.

He pointed out that PNL has asked the Labour Ministry to come up with the standard salary grids law by December 10-15, for it to be filed in Parliament so that the new Parliament would debate it, to the extent it wants to, so that it becomes the basis of the 2017 budget.

“According to the public finances law, in election years the Government does not have to come up in Parliament with the budget law by November 15. (…) The Government will probably be formed sometime on December 20-28, so to observe the law it would have to come up with the budget sometime on January 20-28. So, until then, we should have the standard salary grids law approved by Parliament in order for Government to take into account its stipulations when it comes up with the budget in Parliament,” Eugen Nicolaescu explained.

The former Health Minister stated that the healthcare and education budget must reach 6 percent of GDP in five years’ time. “We have to be realistic and make promises we are sure of, less spectacular promises, promises we have the guarantee will be kept, on average 0.6 percentage points of GDP per year, because we can raise or lower this percentage depending on economic growth, but we should close it at 6 percent of GDP at five years. The raise offered by the Government through Ordinance no.20 is more of a correction raise. Not everything is solved, but combined with raising paid hospital shifts to 80-90 percent, it means a second correction which could lower the pressure on the budget for at least one year,” Nicolaescu claimed.


Academician Leon Danaila, PNL candidate: Politicians are different. Am I the same with Iliescu?


Academy member Leoan Danaila, PNL candidate for the Senate, running in Bucharest, asked those present at a campaign rally whether they find any resemblance between him and Iliescu, while leon-danailagiving a speech on his decision to enter politics.

“I would like to tell the disappointed ones here in Botosani that not all those running [for office] or engaging in politics are the same. We are different, we have different values and principles we relate to. And, because comparison is sovereign in life, I take the liberty, with the appropriate meekness and modesty, to ask you very simply: am I the same with Iliescu? And let me ask you some other thing: Dacian Ciolos and Liviu Dragnea, are they the same? Yes, this is what it is about. Politics is a story about people, about characters, respect, about responsibility and about a lot of work. Those who think this should come alongside us in Parliament and should engage in politics for the benefit of the citizen. Those who think differently should stay at home, because that’s where they belong,” neurosurgeon Leon Danaila said.

He claimed he will not abandon his profession after he is elected Senator.

“For me life means the others. There is no greater satisfaction than to see that the people you helped are once again managing to smile and enjoy life. I have decided to run because I consider I can do more to help those I love, people. I won’t give up on the hospital and the surgery room, because that’s where my whole life is and I don’t know to live differently,” the academician said.

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