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May 17, 2021

Former President Traian Basescu: I’ve knelt the system, but I haven’t defeated it. DNA never takes generals

Former President Traian Basescu stated on Saturday at Suceava that he has knelt the system, but he hasn’t defeated it, and that he appreciates that it must be defeated and made to work for the nation interest, adding that National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) never takes generals.

“At the end of my term, I said that I’ve knelt the system, but I haven’t defeated it, and that the system must be defeated and made to serve people”, said Traian Basescu at the launching of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) candidates for the parliamentary elections in Suceava.

Basescu said that only as the President of the country you are able to see “the bone structure” of the State working.

He explained that every country has a “system”, a spine consisting of intelligence services generals, generals of the Ministry of Defense, generals of the Ministry of Interior, university professors, prosecutors, judges, public servants in ministries and agencies who are eternal in office, in key positions.

“These permanent budgetary positions, unaffected by elections, are positions that form the spine of a state. (…) Politicians are not part of the system, because they change every four years, DNA takes them from time to time, they are not interesting for the system. But generals are never taken by DNA, you’ll see”, stated Basescu.

He pointed out that the big problem is what kind of a system has a country – is it a system devoted to the national interest and to the progress of the country, or is it a system mainly devoted to itself?

“As a person knowing well this state, I will tell you that the system in Romania is working for the national interest when it is asked to do it, when precise coordinates are provided to it. The tragedy is when these objectives are not provided to it. When objectives are not provided to it, the system works for itself”, stated the former President.

He appreciates that politicians have to provide “the system” with “clear, precise and tangible” objectives. Otherwise, those from inside the system become doctors, if they don’t have objectives.

“The budgetary system is full of doctors. This is how they ennoble themselves, by becoming doctors, or they use politicians and you will see that a legislative initiative appears to provide them with special pensions. Not everybody receives special pensions, but the system promotes its interests through the ephemeral politicians, and they keep their advantages forever”, Traian Basescu added.


PMP President: Without increasing the birth rate, Romania risks to import Asians and Muslims


The President of the Popular Movement Party (PMP), Traian Basescu, also stated on Saturday at Suceava, that the negative growth of the population of the country represents a “big concern”, and if the birth rate curve doesn’t reverse, Romania risks the capping of the economy, or it will have to import Asians or Muslims.

At the launching of the PMP Suceava candidates for the parliamentary elections, Basescu said that the biggest concern of the politicians should be the issue of the birth rate.

“We are a country that has no growth potential, because it doesn’t have people, and we will have two options: to stay capped in terms of economic growth or to import Asians, Muslims from the Middle East or from anywhere else. Only that we saw the experience of the states who did this. France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, are countries in which even the Christian structure of the nation is affected. But it becomes extremely important to us to find solutions for families to have children”, Traian Basescu stated.

He mentioned that the current financial support granted to mothers is not sufficient, and that we need a national program for the construction of nurseries and kindergartens, because mothers cannot let their children in an unsafe environment and then go to work.

“A national program for the construction of nurseries and kindergartens is a program that can provide confidence to mothers that they have a safe place where they can let their children”, said the former President, who mentioned that thus Romania can reverse its birth rate curve and switch to a positive birth rate increase.


Ex- President  goes to the Republic of Moldova, in his first visit after obtaining the citizenship of this country


Former President Traian Basescu will go next week to the Republic of Moldova, in his first visit after obtaining the citizenship of this country, announced the PMP candidate to the Deputy position for Diaspora, Constantin Codreanu, in a press conference held at Chisinau.

According to the politician, Basescu scheduled a meeting with the people at the National Philharmonic on November 26, starting at 11.00. Initially, the event had to take place at the Republican Palace, but the administration refused this, for the reason that the investiture of the new President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, could take place on the same day, according to news.ro.

“Traian Basescu comes to Chisinau. I am curious to see, Mr. Dodon, how you will welcome him. Will you also do it with protests, as you usually do? We were initially negotiating with the representatives of the Republican Palace in order to hold the event there. But subsequently, we were contacted by the State Chancellery and we were told that they cannot give us the room until December 1, because the investiture of the new President could take place in this period”, stated Codreanu.

Previously, Codreanu has stated, in an interview granted to Agora.md, that the managers of an event room from Chisinau refused to sign a lease contract of the premises for the visit of the former Romanian President in the last moment.

“They have been contacted by high officials and they’ve been asked to cancel any agreement related to this meeting”, says the Popular Movement Party candidate for Diaspora at the parliamentary elections in Romania.

“When we tried to identify the premises, a place where we can bring Traian Basescu and his supporters, because there is a huge number of Moldovan citizens supporting him, we met impediments; we were almost ready to sign a lease contract for the premises were the event was going to be held, but one day later we were told that those people have been contacted by high officials and asked to cancel any agreement related to this meeting”, he added.

On November 3, Traian Basescu, along with his wife Maria, made the vow as a Moldovan citizen, at the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Bucharest.


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