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June 23, 2021

PSD has suspicions about the AEP software. Dragnea: The stakes are very high, the pressures are huge

The President of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, stated that Social Democrats addressed a request to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) asking to allow to every party to have a representative to the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) at the moment of scanning the reports coming from the County Electoral Offices (BEJ), and also to be provided with the software applications that will be used for counting the votes and for distributing the mandates, namely with the source software and code.

“There were some events well-known by everybody at AEP. I don’t want to comment the case itself, because I don’t have the clues (…) Just to inform people, at this moment, in the middle of the electoral campaign, AEP is the main authority that manages elections in Romania today, on the basis of the current legislation. Therefore, the institution that has to coordinate and ensure the fairness of the elections and the fairness of the distribution of the mandates after votes will be counted, doesn’t have any President. The situation of the institution is wrong. So suspicions have appeared not only to us, but I’ve heard that they also appeared in other political areas. What I’ve requested, I’ve requested not only for PSD, I’ve requested for AEP to provide all the political parties with the software applications that will be used for counting the votes and for distributing the mandates, the software, the source code”, stated Dragnea on Friday evening for Antena 3, being asked about the request addressed to BEC and why doesn’t he trust that the electoral process of December 11 will be fair.

He added that the request addressed to BEC is asking for the possibility of every party to have a representative “at the moment of counting the votes, when the reports coming from County Electoral Bureaus (BEJ) are loaded into the system, (…) in order to allow each party’s representative to make a comparison”.

“This suspicion exists, (AEP – e.n.) is an institution without a leadership, the stakes are very high, the pressures are huge, and anyone can have the idea to try to do something using these software applications”, PSD President stated.

He added that the Social Democrats have submitted the request to BEC on Friday, and they will not give up to it.

“We are waiting for their answer, we don’t give up to this request, because if nobody has something to hide, if nobody has evil thoughts, the entire request must be satisfied”, stated Dragnea, according to Agerpres.

PSD President pointed out that he has great confidence in BEC and in the institution, but the suspicions of the Social Democrats are related to AEP.

“I have great confidence in BEC and in the BEC President, but we are talking about those who stay in the engine room, namely the Permanent Electoral Authority (…) I don’t know what’s there… who is the leader (…) We want to have, we want each party to have a man there, to see that incoming data are correct, and that the machinery processing these data and distributing the mandates is working based on a fair software, which is not affected by any virus. (…) I am very concerned about what could happen with the software at AEP, that’s all”, Dragnea also stated.


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