US dollar, a historical maximum record at BNR. What goods will become more expensive in Romania, after the US currency has reached RON 4.25

On Friday, National Bank of Romania (BNR) has quoted the US currency at RON 4.2523 related to the RON, increasing by 0.96 percent compared to the previous session, when it was quoted at RON 4.2120. Such a high exchange rate was never reached.

The previous historical record was reached on Wednesday, November 16, 2016: RON 4.2246. US dollar has appreciated by 4.6 percent (19 bani) in five sessions, after the US elections.

According to the Romanian analysts, for the upcoming period, even a higher appreciation of the US dollar is expected. Ionut Dumitru, the Chairman of the Fiscal Council and chief economist at Raiffeisen Bank Romania, stated for ECONOMICA.NET that the US key interest rate is expected to grow by the end of the year, therefore US dollar is expected to reach parity with Euro at the international level.

The dollar is quoted indirectly on the Romanian market, with the reference to the Euro/US dollar parity, but the appreciation of the US currency will make goods imported from outside EU, such as fuels, gas, electronics and appliances or citrus, to be more expensive in our country, too.

Compared to Euro, instead, the RON slightly appreciated, the BNR exchange rate on Friday being of RON 4.5145/1 Euro, decreasing by 0.11 percent related to the previous day.

The Swiss franc has continued to appreciate related to the national currency, and the National Bank announced an exchange rate of RON 4.2182, by 0.56 bani (+0.13%) more than the announcement in the previous day, when the Swiss currency reached RON 4.2126.

The value of one gram of gold has also decreased on Friday by RON 1.49 (-0.89%), up to RON 165.1316, compared to the value of RON 166.6215, which was announced on Thursday.


The exchange rates on November 18, announced by BNR:


1 Euro – RON 4.5145

1 US dollar – RON 4.2523

1 Swiss franc – RON 4.2182

1 pound – RON 5.2792





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