Tariceanu, about the intention of being PM, although he is sent to judgment: There is a presumption of innocence

Co-President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), Calin Popescu Tariceanu, stated on Sunday at Romania TV that President Klaus Iohannis cannot refuse to nominate a Prime-Minister proposed by the parties winning the elections, even if he has problems in Court, which is also his case, because there is a presumption of innocence under the rule of law.

“We mustn’t give the opportunity to the President Iohannis to try to make rules after the elections, by disregarding the vote expressed by the Romanian people. (…) It seems like the President is in a world that is parallel to democracy”, stated Tariceanu, explaining that he doesn’t believe that Iohannis will be able to “disregard” the Romanians’ wish expressed in elections.

The ALDE leader asserted that Klaus Iohannis’ statement according to which he will not nominate as Prime-Minister a person who has criminal problems, must be read “in an electoral key”, his wish being to “encourage the PNL army” and to demobilize the ALDE and PSD voters.

Tariceanu added that Iohannis cannot block a PM, because there is a presumption of innocence in Romania, which applied also to the head of the state when he was a candidate, although he had a case pending at ANI and another one related to the house in Sibiu. The head of the Senate stated that there is a difference, namely compared to him, Iohannis was guilty.

“Mr. Iohannis should first be aware that until there is no final and irrevocable verdict, any person is innocent. It’s called the presumption of innocence, which Romanians granted also to him, since I guess that’s why they voted him. They didn’t suppose that he did what he did, although Justice has convicted him later. (…) In any democratic country in which the rule of law is operating, that’s the way things are going”, said Tariceanu.

Regarding his nomination as a Prime-Minister from LADE, Tariceanu stated that he was chosen due to his experience, since his government was an efficient one, as well as because he led Senate, which acts “entitle” him to aim again the Government’s leadership.

“I have an important experience on the background which left several things that are tangible. I am talking about the PM period from 2004 to 2008. (…) Even today, there are a lot of Romanian people who relate with great respect and recognition of the fact that Romania had a good time then, bringing them welfare”, he said.

But Tariceanu didn’t comment PSD’s intentions related to the PM, mentioning that both ALDE and the Social Democrats present their own platform towards the voters, and they will subsequently discuss together about forming the Government.

ALDE leadership has unanimously decided on Sunday to support Calin Popescu Tariceanu for the PM position from ALDE after the parliamentary elections in December.

“I’ve decided to assume this responsibility and, following the talks with my colleagues in the leadership, with my colleagues from the subsidiaries, but especially (because – e.n.) in the last two weeks I had contacts with people, and it happen very often that ordinary people told me the same thing: ‘Mr. Tariceanu, why don’t you run one more time for the PM position?’. As we know, we cannot run for the PM position, but I believe that every party is obliged to show to the people who are the leaders that will lead their destinies, if people will vote for us” Tariceanu also stated.

President Klaus Iohannis stated several times that he will not nominate as a PM a person who is criminally convicted or having problems to Court.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu is sent to judgment by DNA for perjury and for favoring the offender.


Dragnea: Tariceanu’s desire to be a possible future PM is justified, if ALDE wins the elections


PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday at Romania TV that Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s “desire” to be PM seems to him justified, if ALDE wins the parliamentary elections, stating that he is not ironic, but this is the principle from which PSD starts the discussions.

Asked about the announcement on Sunday regarding the support of Calin popescu Tariceanu as a Prime-Minister, Dragnea stated that “if ALDE wins the elections, it seems to him a justified desire of Mr. Tariceanu”. He added that he isn’t ironic.

“Honestly, we rely on this principle: who wins the elections, naturally has to propose the PM, because it means that it has the highest legitimacy from the Romanian people”, stated Dragnea.

PSD leader said that his party and ALDE have different campaigns, with different programs, so the announcement on Sunday doesn’t change anything.

“They chose to announce Mr. Tariceanu’s intention to be a possible future Prime-Minister. This doesn’t bother us. It doesn’t help us, but it doesn’t bother us either, it doesn’t affect our campaign, but it doesn’t help it also”, Dragnea added.


Firea on Tariceanu’s appointment as a candidate for the PM position: The proposal will be a PSD member


General Mayor Gabriela Firea stated that the ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu was one of the best Romanian Prime-Ministers, but if the coalition consisting in Social Democrats and ALDE wins the elections, the PM will be a PSD representative.

“Our assertion is very clear and unquestionable: if Romanian people will give us their vote and trust, together with ALDE we’ll wish to have a majority coalition in Parliament (…), and the PM will be a PSD member, as a guarantee of the strict respect of everything we have proposed in the government program. Mr. Calin Popescu-Tariceanu was, together with the PSD Prime-Ministers, one of the best Romanian Prime-Ministers since 90s until today, and the fact that he states that he feels ready in professional terms is a far thing, but he would also have to be proposed by the majority coalition. Until now, the decision is very clear: a PSD representative will be the proposal with which, in the case of winning the elections, due to the Romanian’s vote, we’ll go to the Cotroceni Palace”, she stated at Romania TV.

Gabriela Firea, who is also a PSD Vice President, excluded the possibility of being PM, mentioning that she has a commitment to honor towards Bucharest citizens, as a General Mayor.

Asked if she knows who the person who could be proposed by PSD as a PM is, Firea replied:

“We won’t tell you even if we know. (…) Should we let him get about five files?”

She added that if PSD would announce a possible candidate, the debate on solutions would turn into a discussion about people.

Firea also stated that PSD proposal will be “a man who cares about Romanians, a man who cares about this nation, a man who doesn’t have a remote control outside the country, a man who has not been paid, sponsored, financed by unprincipled foundations from abroad, a good Romanian, a professional, a team player, a man who doesn’t betray, a man who thinks twice before taking a decision – exactly to take a good one – a man who asks for advice and a man who will apply our government program”.


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