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February 25, 2021

Traian Basescu: “Coldea was the brain, Kovesi was the club”

Ex-President Traian Basescu analysed the joint efforts exerted, in his opinion, by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) and the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) to detain politicians. The ex-President believes that in this duo the SRI, represented by Florian Coldea, is the “brain,” while the DNA, represented by Laura Codruta Kovesi, is “the club.”

Traian Basescu does not believe the hypothesis that politicians are detained at the orders of President Klaus Iohannis. “Coldea was the brain, Kovesi was the club. It was easy to plant some undesirable targets. ‘We don’t like Mr. X or Ms. Y,’ they said to themselves. I don’t believe Iohannis asked for brutal actions, the display of handcuffs, you see they have eliminated them in recent weeks. I don’t believe Iohannis is making a list of those who must be purged. The system is doing what the system believes the President likes, although there were also some blemishes he did not like. For instance, Mihalache, sent ambassador to London, was not sent to jail,” Traian Basescu stated on B1TV.

The ex-President also talked about the Constitutional Court’s decision to declare unconstitutional the plagiarism law adopted by Parliament.

“What I find more important in the Constitutional Court is the fact that it emphatically underlines what in the public debate concerned – it’s true, strictly related to Ponta primarily – the advantages fraudulently obtained by a doctor who stole, who plagiarised. And it concerns material advantages, advantages related to offices, and Parliament will categorically have to take the Constitutional Court’s observations into account and modify the law so that those that participated in co-theft – the university to an equal extent with the doctoral thesis coordinator and its beneficiary, the doctor – should no longer have the right to be the ones who examine in the first instance, because it’s as if you would ask the thief to be the judge.”

“It is, I would say, an extremely severe Court decision and I would like to note something. I tried to find the Constitutional articles that were broken, of course one can focus on some articles, but it’s very clear that the Constitutional Court also issued a moral judgement on the plagiarist, which is very important,” the ex-President said.

In this context, Traian Basescu also talked about the doctoral thesis of DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, labelled by the West University of Timisoara as “partially plagiarised.”

“It’s clear that the University is saying that 565 lines are copied ad literam from other works, but it wouldn’t necessarily be plagiarism, it’s something very unclear although the University of Timisoara does emphasise a truth – 560 lines are copied from other works. But the University categorically did not analyse the phrases in which one word was changed, they left those aside, removed them from the plagiarism area, even though they too are a part of plagiarism,” the Popular Movement Party’s (PMP) President pointed out.

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