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February 9, 2023

Central Electoral Bureau answers PSD President Liviu Dragnea: Vote tally app, made available upon request

The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) on Tuesday issued an answer for Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea on the topic of the software used to tally votes, pointing out that the app can be put at the political parties’ disposal upon them filing a request, and asked him for clarifications regarding PSD’s request for its technical expert to carry out verifications.

In its response, BEC points out that, in line with the law, 10 days before elections day the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP) certifies for non-alteration the IT apps used by BEC to tally the results of the voting and puts them at the disposal of the political parties and organisations representing national ethnic minorities that took part in the elections, upon the filing of written requests.

“After certifying for non-alteration the IT app used to tally the results of the voting, AEP will place the app at the disposal of BEC members, including its source code, on electronic support. We point out that upon the filing of written requests by other political parties running in the elections, the AEP can place the IT app at their disposal,” BEC representatives explained.

Dragnea had asked BEC to demand that AEP puts at the political parties’ disposal all IT apps used to process and tally the votes, including the source code of each app.

The PSD leader had also asked BEC to allow each political party to be able to appoint a technical expert that would witness the tallying of electoral results and would be able to verify that the software used was not altered from an IT standpoint.

“In order to give an answer to the aspects requested, please point out the technical method that the technical expert would use to verify the vote tallying software while the procedure takes place,” BEC responded.

The institution also points out that the representatives of political parties and independent candidates have access to the data processing procedure through which the results of the voting are tallied by local electoral offices allotted to electoral districts without obstructing the activity of the technical personnel involved in the process.


PSD’s Dragnea: I didn’t expect the Prime Minister of Romania to post some ironies on Facebook


Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday evening that he did not expect Dacian Ciolos to post “some ironies” on Facebook, regarding an important topic such as the manner in which the electoral process will be carried out on 11 December, adding that he does not trust “a duplicitous man who lies.”

Dragnea reconfirmed that he, just like “most politicians he spoke with,” has concerns regarding the fact that the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP) – an essential institution in the electoral process, just like the Interior Ministry (MAI) – has no chief.

“What I officially demanded, on behalf of all political parties, was for us to be given access to the computer applications that will be used for counting the ballot papers and for assigning the mandates. Moreover, I demanded we be allowed to have people, each political party a specialist, who would assist in all these operations. Furthermore, I have expressed my doubts regarding the fairness of the MAI, the Government respectively. (…) Since Toba was appointed Interior Minister in this governance, in two months they targeted him so they would be able to replace him, and this is something that Prime Minister Ciolos wanted, he didn’t even try to hide it. In the end, plagiarism or no plagiarism, criminally prosecuted or not, he left. I expected the Prime Minister of Romania not to post some ironies on Facebook on such an important matter. This shows how this man is treating the December 11th vote,” Dragnea stated on B1TV.

He stated that he did not want to engage in a dialogue with the Prime Minister on social networks.

Premier Dacian Ciolos scoffed at PSD President Liviu Dragnea on Monday, regarding his statements that the elections might be rigged, telling him that the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP) is subordinated to Parliament.

“I notice you have the tendency to sow fear and doubt in people’s souls, in order to subsequently climb on their fears during the electoral battle. I refrain from interpreting your statements about “justice all the way.” I assure you however that this Government supports the judiciary precisely so that intimidation attempts would no longer have a place in an elections campaign. I believe that, instead of fear and hatred, the time has come for the leaders of this country to sow hope and optimism that doing things differently is possible: without lies, without populism, without corruption. You too, Mr. Dragnea, should dare believe,” Ciolos wrote on Facebook.

“AEP is the institution which, apart from other things it does both during the campaign and on election day, tallies the votes and assigns the mandates based on a software to which we have no access for the time being. Of course, in this situation it’s natural for me to have suspicions, which are not just for show, and I’m very preoccupied and concerned. This is the reason why I asked BEC [Central Electoral Office] to make available all the applications AEP will use. Likewise, we should be given the right to have a representative at AEP when the results are tallied and the software is used,” Liviu Dragnea had stated prior to that.


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