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September 23, 2021

Dragnea on standard salary scales law: We are being asked to adopt a law without debating it

During a televised election debate, PSD President Liviu Dragnea accused the Liberals that they want Parliament to adopt “without any debate” the salary law that the Government announced.

“We are being asked to put aside our egos and adopt a law in the course of one day, without any kind of debate. (…) The whole public sector in Romania is being rearranged, how could one vote such a law in two days?” Dragnea said, against the backdrop in which PSD’s law on the elimination of 102 taxes was voted rapidly too. “We’ll go and vote tomorrow to be on the safe side and the law will come afterward,” he sarcastically said.

Dragnea accused Dacian Ciolos of failing to keep the promise he allegedly made before PSD before he was confirmed by Parliament, namely that he would take the Ponta Government’s bill and send it to be adopted. “They didn’t do this, now it’s just pure electioneering. They attacked at the Constitutional Court the 15 percent hike law, their main argument being that one cannot implement a salary hike six months before the end of the Government’s mandate, and now they propose a law three days before the elections,” the Social Democrat pointed out.

He added that the bill announced by the Labour Minister was drafted at PNL’s pressure. “I know what happened. PNL pressured Ciolos, Ciolos pressured Paslaru. I have inside information: ‘Come up with something so we can fix some of the foolishness we did by attacking at the Court the 15 percent hike law.’” the PSD President added.


 Gorghiu: PNL wants standards salary scales law for public employees enforced on 1 Jan 2017


National Liberal Party (PNL) President Alina Gorghiu said on Monday that the Liberals want the standard salary scales law for public employees to be enforced starting 1 January 2017, pointing out that it would be good for Parliament to assemble in extraordinary session for this draft.

“Our firm option is for this law to be enforceable starting 1 January 2017. For this tight timetable to be achieved, which is not our fault, I believe it would be beneficial to forget about the election campaign for two-three days. I, for one, commit to come in an extraordinary session and support a law that benefits everyone,” Gorghiu told B1TV.

She maintained that an extraordinary session “would not hurt.”

“If the PSD [Social Democratic Party] manages to overcome its wounded ego – because it doesn’t have the paternity of the bill although it kept promising it – I am open to debate the bill in Parliament and make it become a reality on 1 January 2017,” the PNL President showed.

Alina Gorghiu also spoke of the criticism levied by PSD Deputy Rovana Plumb against the standard salary scales law announced by the Government.

“You know how it is with the sour grapes. Mrs Rovana Plumb, for three years, I don’t want to say harsh words, but she has purely reached her limits, she couldn’t manage to draft this bill within parameters showing it can be enforced, it has enforcement resources, and that an understanding with the trade unions, the employers’ associations can become a reality,” she said.

Gorghiu maintained that the impact of the PSD draft on the pay scheme exceeded 45 billion lei.

“I will not play the populist role and say that a 45 billion lei impact would be tolerable or affordable for Romania’s budget. This is the impact of the draft law the PSD would have proposed. The Government comes with a 17 billion impact, if I am not mistaken,” the PNL leader also showed.

Alina Gorghiu pointed out that, under this law, in 2020-2021, the public employees’ salary will be in the ballpark of 4,000 lei.

“There are figures showing that with a carefully thought economic growth in PNL’s vision, not apocalyptic figures, of 4 percent on average, this thing can be covered,” she said.

The salary bill will be sent to Parliament in early December, the Labour Minister announced, after Eugen Nicolaescu, leader of PNL’s Lower Chamber lawmakers, stated on Friday that the Liberals had talks with Dragos Pislaru on this topic, adding that he is waiting for the Government to present the bill within three weeks’ time at most and for it to consider the principles forwarded by PNL.

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