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December 6, 2022

In the plenum meetings of the autumn session, Deputies have worked in one week less than an employee

Deputies have worked 14 hours per month on average, in the plenum meetings of the autumn session, namely a total of 44 hours, four hours less than the time spent by the rest of the employees at work in one week.

Neither by cumulating the time spent in the 20 plenum meetings they had since they have returned from the holiday (September) until November, when parliamentarians have decided to change their program in order to involve into the electoral campaign, Deputies cannot reach the maximum legal working time per week – 48 hours, according to the Labor Code.

According to Mediafax, in the three months of activity, Deputies have spent approx. 44 hours in the plenum, four hours less than the time spent by rest of the employees at work in one week.

Deputies have spent the most of the time by debating and voting laws into the plenum, in September, when they had two sessions, totalizing 17 hours and 45 minutes, while the least time was spent in November, when they had only two sessions which made them stay in the room around four hours.

The average time spent by Deputies in the plenum hall would increase only by six hours if we add their activity in the Parliament session of February-June, 2016. Thus, from February to November, less the parliamentary holiday months, Deputies have worked in the plenum approx. 20 hours per month on average.

In the first parliamentary session, February-June, parliamentarians have spent the most time in the plenum by debating and voting laws in March, namely around 33 hours, while the least time spent in the plenum was in May – the month of the local elections – around 12 hours.

The Chamber of Deputies has voted for itself, at the end of the last year, a larger budget than it was provided by the Government. Thus, the Chamber of Deputies was initially receiving RON 313.7 million from the Government, but Deputies have requested to the Finance Ministry an increase for the payment of the salary increases decided by the Government in the last months.

“I suggest you to agree to replace the annexes containing the two budgets, the one of the Chamber of Deputies and the one of the Senate, from the form originally adopted to the form corresponding to the decisions of the two Chambers of the Parliament. We reach, in the Chamber of Deputies, from RON 295 million to RON 340 million, which is a difference of RON 45 million. In the Senate, we reach from RON 130 million to RON 166 million, namely a difference of RON 36 million” stated the President of the Budget-Finances Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, PSD MP Viorel Stefan, in the committee meeting that preceded the vote of the law on the budget for 2016.

He stated that the increase of the budgets is necessary as a result of the salary increases by 10 percent, as well as of the effects of the ordinance on the increase of the high dignitaries’ allowances.

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