Romania, the regional leader in amending laws

For the third year in a row, our country leads the standings of the legislative changes impacting the business. This performance doesn’t put us in the best light. More than a quarter of the changes made in 6 countries of the Central and Eastern Europe are here, in Romania. Starting from August 1, 2015 to August 1, 2016, a number of 299 laws have been approved, out of which most of them were related to the financial and services sectors, according to a Grayling research quoted by Digi24.

Not only the lack of predictability is a problem, but also the manner of changing the legislation. In Romania, more than a half of the changes affecting the business environment are made by GEO.

It’s true that the weight of 52 percent is lower than the previous year, but GEO continues to be more spread here than in the rest of the region.

An average of 18 percent of the law changes affecting business environment are adopted by the extraordinary procedure in the Central and Eastern Europe.

But Czech Republic and Slovakia have adopted all the laws by standard procedure.


Proposals for a different kind of Parliament


At the end of their term, parliamentarians have realized that the Parliament could be more efficient. Therefore, they made all the kind of proposals to change the working program for the next Parliament, which will be elected on December 11. In order to become a law, proposals will have to be approved also by the next Parliament.

Liberals have a clear standpoint about how a parliamentarian should work.

“One week of plenum, one week of commissions, one week of constituencies, the presence of the parliamentarian has to be registered both at the beginning and at the end of the workday. Justifying absences should be accepted only for medical cases” stated Adriana Saftoiu, the PNL spokesman, for Digi24.

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