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February 1, 2023

USR collects over RON 1.2 million, spends little over half that sum

The Save Romania Union (USR) has collected campaign contributions worth RON 1.05 million, has contracted two loans worth RON 198,000, from natural persons, and has so far spent RON 633,000, USR President Nicusor Dar announced in a press conference on Tuesday.

“The total sum we collected during the pre-campaign period, until November 10, stood at RON 997,545, of which RON 198,000 borrowed from two natural persons, RON 403,000 donated by 21 persons, RON 5,400 in small donations (less than RON 500) from 27 persons and RON 390,000 donated online by 2,950 persons. So, overall, 3,000 persons have donated money to USR without asking for anything in return. The average level of an online donation is RON 130,” the USR leader said.

He pointed out that RON 403,000 were donated by 21 persons and gave a few examples: “a donation of RON 89,000, a donation of RON 75,000, one of RON 60,000, one of RON 25,000, one of RON 22,000 and so on.”

“We collected these RON 997,000 during the pre-campaign,” Nicusor Dan added.

The USR leader also stated that ever since the campaign started his party has collected another RON 251,000 in donations from candidates, the only ones that can legally file campaign contributions during this period. “So RON 997,000 collected before the start of the campaign, RON 251,000 collected after the start of the campaign. Of the RON 997,000, we spent RON 633,000 during the pre-campaign period, we have RON 365,000 left and with the RON 251,000 the candidates donated we so far have RON 600,000 that we can use in the campaign,” Nicusor Dan pointed out.

He also presented a list of expenditures that USR has registered so far. “We paid approximately RON 50,000 for Facebook and Google Ads, approximately RON 50,000 for an opinion poll, RON 30,000 for t-shirts, RON 80,000 for flyers, approximately RON 10,000 for rents because various city halls demanded to be paid rent to allow us to set up tents for the collection of signatures. (…) Approximately RON 100,000 for the salaries of people who worked in the technical team and RON 50,000 in local elections campaign debts,” Nicusor Dan explained.

The USR leader called on the other political parties to publish their campaign revenues and expenditures. “USR has carried out this exercise of transparency today and we are inviting all electoral competitors – PSD, PNL, their satellites – to do the same transparency exercise we did today, to reveal how much money they used during the pre-campaign period, how much money they have collected during the campaign, what they spent the money on during the pre-campaign period, what they will spend the money on during the campaign,” Nicusor Dan concluded.

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