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June 30, 2022

Basescu about Iohannis: He is during the internship period. A President is like wine, the older the better

Ex-President Traian Basescu has stated that President Klaus Iohannis’s first two years in office represent “the period of internship on the job,” adding that a president “is like wine, the older it gets the better.”

Asked for his opinion on President Klaus Iohannis’s first two years in office and whether he would have done anything differently during this period, Traian Basescu said he would not make comparisons between presidents.

“Each president has his responsibility. It’s the period of internship on the job, because there is no school for presidents. As time goes by, he’ll become increasingly better,” the ex-President said.

Asked whether he is confident Klaus Iohannis will become increasingly better, Basescu pointed out: “Anyone in that office becomes better as time goes by. A president is like wine, the older it gets the better it is. If he wins the second term, it will be better than the first term. That is the place where you are getting to know the state very well. There is not a lot you can do. The executive is the one managing the state reform but, in that office, you get to know it and all of its sins,” Basescu stated for News.ro.

Traian Basescu pointed out that appointing the Government is a difficult step for the president.

“There won’t be a party with 50 percent plus 1, so the president must decide whether he wants a partner Government, how he should act to have it. The inexistence of a party with 50 percent gives the President this margin. Let’s see. I would make sure I have a partner Government, because I saw, also based on experience, what happens when you have a Government that is not your partner. I had four years of Tariceanu Government, three years of Victor Ponta [Government], so I had hostile Governments during seven of my ten years [in office]. A president’s stake, to have a partner Government with which to attain the priorities of his term, is huge,” the Popular Movement Party (PMP) President said.


“I am the future Premier”


PMP President Traian Basescu revealed on Tuesday evening on RomaniaTV that if PMP wins the December 11th parliamentary elections he will be the Premier nominated. Basescu encouraged the leaders of political parties to say “I am the future Premier” and to take part in debates in which each one of them would come up with solutions for Romanians’ problems. “There is no politician that could lead better than I could, given the experience I have,” Traian Basescu said.


Row within PMP: Progressives summon Popular Movement members to vacate former UNPR HQs


Ex-President Traian Basescu has no peace of mind less than a month before parliamentary elections. The Popular Movement Party (PMP) he leads is shaken by a scandal after Popular Movement members were summoned to vacate the former headquarters of the former National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR). Former UNPR members, which are currently members of PMP, are fed up with the attacks lately launched by Valeriu Steriu and have launched a counter-attack. The entire scandal started several months ago, when Steriu decided that UNPR should merge with PMP. Several UNPR leaders decided to challenge the merger in court. Now, former UNPR members are asking Basescu’s people to vacate the former UNPR headquarters.

“UNPR is an independent political party, registered with the Romanian Political Party Registry, so it is subordinated in no way to PMP;

“In July 2016, the party’s National Conference adopted a decision to merge with PMP, being absorbed by it, on terms of absolute parity. The initial agreements reached by the two parties’ executive leaderships have been flagrantly broken by PMP, with the ungrudging and irresponsible support of president Steriu Valeriu and secretary general Toma Ioan;

“Of the 86 top spots on the party lists for the Lower Chamber and the Senate, 26 went to UNPR and 60 to PMP. The distribution of second spots on the lists is even more disastrous. With their entry in the electoral race on PMP lists, UNPR representatives left UNPR, no longer being members in our branches and joining PMP instead. Valeriu Steriu and Ioan Toma are in this situation too. They are no longer UNPR members and, implicitly, no longer represent this party. In our view, former president Steriu Valeriu’s threats to file criminal complaints for encroachment upon offices is unacceptable behaviour, like blackmail. We ascribe his statement to the fact that the whole party labels him as the main culprit who tried to destroy the party by handing it over to PMP and to the visceral fear that he will be invalidated by PMP’s leadership if the merger is rejected.

“In what concerns the merger between UNPR and PMP, at the second court hearing on Thursday, November 17, the Bucharest Court of Appeals did not analyse on the merits the appeals filed by the 3 complainants, nor the party’s National Conference decision, adopted on 1.11.2016, to revoke the National Conference decision to merge with PMP (adopted on 20.07.2016). Instead, the panel of judges analysed and debated the right of one of the three complainants to take part in the trial considering he did not show up in the court of first instance. Given the fact that he appealed at the High Court against the Bucharest Court of Appeals’ decision not to allow his request to enter trial, decision taken on 3.11.2016, the Court of Appeals has suspended the trial until the High Court makes a ruling in this case.

“The artificial merger between PMP and UNPR is yet to take place and will never take place because the will of UNPR members all over the country trumps the private interests of careerists who only minded their own interest. All UNPR members must know and remember that Steriu Valeriu and Toma Ioan, alongside all the other UNPR refugees within PMP, have no right to intervene in UNPR’s activity, at any level, considering they are PMP members. In Bucharest, the UNPR headquarters, currently illegally occupied by the Steriu-Florescu group (UNPR-PMP), must be vacated as soon as possible and placed at the disposal of UNPR Bucharest.

“In conclusion, UNPR is and remains an independent party with over 1,200 local representatives at national level, a party that does not subordinate to anyone until there is a final and irrevocable court ruling. It is necessary to point out again, unequivocally, that nobody and nothing will stop us from putting an end to this artificial merger. The threats, intimidations, pressures, blackmail or bribing attempts that UNPR members have been subjected to lately will not deter us from our effort to defend our party,” a communique issued by the former UNPR reads.

The scandal is continuing after former UNPR members scuttled the PMP-UNPR merger last week. The ruling made by the Bucharest Court of Appeals on Thursday postpones for an indefinite period a final denouement, and the former UNPR members who are rejecting the merger have signalled the bid to retake control of UNPR, according to political sources quoted by stiripesurse.ro.


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