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February 8, 2023

Nicusor Dan sues Ponta and Ghita, asks RON 500,000 moral damages

Nicusor Dan (photo), the President of the Save Romania Union (USR) came on Thursday at the Bucharest Court to submit a complaint, in his name and in the name of his party, against Deputies Victor Ponta and Sebastian Ghita. They are accused of negatively affecting the image of USR and Nicusor Dan by their statements related to his connections with George Soros and the financings he would have granted to USR. The USR leader claims for damages in amount of RON 500,000.

“Following the repeated slanders to which we were subjected, we submit today at the Bucharest Court a complaint against Ponta Viorel Victor and a complaint against Ghita Sebastian Aurelian, for the repeated slanders which they brought against USR and against me personally. We ask them the amount of RON 500,000, as moral damages, for prejudices brought to our image. It’s about this infamous campaign saying that we are Soros’s people. It’s a campaign that also reminds us of the 50s, when kulaks were havebranded, as well as of the Ceausescu’s foreign groups of interest. Others will come, because, although at the beginning we have laughed about this matter, it seems it’s affecting our image and it’s a normal thing, we live in a democratic society, and who’s wrong has to pay. Any person making this statement related to us will have to suffer as the two named persons do”, stated Nicusor Dan at his arrival to the Bucharest Court.


Ghita: A treacherous and perverse action


Sebastian Ghita has launched a harsh attack against Nicusor Dan, after the USR President sued the PRU Deputy and the former PM Victor Ponta.

Sebastian Ghita has labeled Nicusor Dan’s decision to sue him as “a treacherous and perverse action”!

“I’m surprised that after they were proud for having received money from Soros for many months, now he sues me. They began to sue us for telling the truth. Neither Nicusor Dan, nor the Sabotage Romania Union can avoid the truth. It’s an action to which people from Bucharest are used, they block projects and they bother the people.

The Bucharest citizen is afraid to put a tile on the house because of Nicusor Dan. It’s a treacherous, perverse action. PRU is growing and USR doesn’t like it. You’ll see that the vote of the Romanian people will prove we’re right” stated the PRU Deputy for Romania TV.


Ponta’s reaction: Am I to understand ND is delegated and officially represents Soros in Romania


Ex-Premier Victor Ponta reacted to USR leader Nicusor Dan’s decision to sue him for libel.

“I have two questions:

“1. I talked and I continue to talk about the negative and profoundly anti-national role that the foundations and some of the people sponsored by George Soros in Romania and in Eastern Europe are playing. And I’m saying this based on data and documents I had access to as political party boss and Prime Minister. I never talked about ND because I’m fighting the owner, not the little pooch trying to bark “fiercely.” However, now I understand ND is delegated and officially represents George Soros in lawsuits against people like me, who criticise him?!?

“2. I found out from the press that Mr. Nicusor has the habit of filing lawsuits and dropping them if he receives something consistent. So as not to waste time, I too am asking him – ‘Skol’ko tovarisch Nicusor,’” the ex-Premier wrote on Facebook.


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