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September 29, 2020

PMP’s Basescu: Education bill – damaged; our objective to bring Law 1/2011 to its initial form

Popular Movement Party (PMP) Chairman Traian Basescu stated on Thursday in Ploiesti that the education bill from 2011 was damaged through the 108 changes, the party’s objective being that of bringing the normative act to its initial form.

“Because of well-known Mrs Andronescu and the well-known former PM Victor Viorel Ponta, also a plagiarist, the law has undergone 108 changes. The law was simply damaged. Through those changes, basically they reversed to the old practices in education, where at the education’s center there are groups of interest, trade union interests, interests in keeping the jobs filled with untrained people to the detriment of pupil’s interest. (…) We must understand: it is not teacher who is at the center of education, it is the child,” Basescu said in a speech at the PMP announcement of candidates in Prahova.

In this context, he showed that the functional illiteracy is rated at 42 pct and school drop-out at 19.1 pct, pointing out that PMP’s objective is to bring back the Law 1/2011 to its initial form and to let it function for the next five years.

“Our objective is to bring back the Law 1/2011 to its initial form, the 108 changes already applied to be annulled and keep the law functioning for the next five years. Certainly, education will be improved. The law was drafted following the Finish model which is the most advanced educational system functioning in Europe,” added the leader of PMP.

Regarding reasons of school drop-out, Basescu says that it is caused by poverty and has criticized the way that social benefits are granted, showing that they need to be ‘correctly focused’.

“School drop-out is not caused because of school-related reasons, it is because of poverty. (…) We must find a solution in order to correctly focus the big amount of money addressed to the social benefits. (…) The biggest problem is that since children do not attend school poverty is perpetuated to the next generations, and without education they risk to also live in poverty, will not have a job, will not live honorably. And then, the solution is to focus the social benefits to families that are really in need; if needed, we should increase the benefits (…) and to condition the social benefits to children’s school attendance and not to their father’s preference for bars. It is essential to show courage in doing this thing, even if political parties have turned this into a way to garner votes by offering social benefits both where is needed and where it not needed,” Traian Basescu mentioned.

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