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April 20, 2021

Basescu, in his first visit in the Republic of Moldova as a citizen

*Message for Dodon: Don’t waste time, take it to the West, ‘cause that’s the direction!


Former President Traian Basescu, who was on Saturday in his first visit to Chisinau since he obtained the citizenship of this country, urged the elected President Igor Dodon not to “waste time” and to “take it to the West”.

“In the recent years, the pro-European and pro-Romanian sentiment is growing and especially unstoppable. Some people win elections, saying that they want Putin’s Custom Union in vain. People want to go backwards. (…) Although I voted for Maia Sandu, I took note of Mr. Dodon’s statement – I saw it in the press today – in which he diminished his enthusiasm to go to the custom union, saying that he will ask people if they should go to the West or to the East. I give him an advice from here, from Chisinau: don’t waste time, take it to the West, ‘cause that’s the direction! And he must admit that I was a president for ten years, he is still a trainee, so it’s good for him to listen to my advices”, stated Basescu at a meeting with the voters in the Capital of the Republic of Moldova.

He pointed out that the union with our brothers over the Prut is the greatest treasure that Romania has in this moment. “The union with the Republic of Moldova is more precious than the gold hidden by Russians in Moscow” stated the former head of state.

“Here, in Chisinau, I avoid the term of ‘Moldavian’. We are all Romanians. The great goal of my life as a Romanian politician is to see the union. And it will happen”, he added. The PMP leader explained that by performing the union, Romania would become one of the most important food supplier in the Europe and worldwide, and its voice would be more important inside EU.

“I am that President who, despite all the international pressures, refused to send the border treaty between Romania and Republic of Moldavia for ratification in the Parliament. That treaty which the Parliament in Chisinau has ratified, stayed for eight years in a drawer in my office, and I want also to believe that President Iohannis will not send it ever, despite all the extraordinary pressures made by Mrs. Merkel”, he underlined.

Basescu stated that he will fight for the abolition of the fees for getting Romanian citizenship and for an aid granted by the Government in Bucharest for the teachers in Transnistria.

He insisted that it’s important that the union should be made “with a smile on our faces, with joy, with wisdom”, in compliance to all the international laws, thus legitimating forever the abolition of the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. Basescu reiterated that, while today, 48% of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova are pro-European and pro-union, in 2 or 3 years the percentage will reach 60% and the union will be possible to be made by political agreement, in compliance to the Helsinki Final Act.

In the end, the PMP leader promised that he will rent a house in Chisinau and he will come here once a month. “The union is close, my dear friends!” concluded the former head of state.


 “At 09.28 I entered in the Republic of Moldova – from my country to my country”


“I entered in the Republic of Moldavia at 09.28, through the Albita border checkpoint, for the first time as a citizen of this country. In other words, I crossed the border from my country to my country”, wrote Traian Basescu on Facebook.

The meeting with the voters in the Rep. of Moldova was held at the National Philharmonic. Initially, the event was expected to take place at the Republican Palace, but the administration refused this on the ground that the investiture of the new President, Igor Dodon, could take place in this period, according to unimedia.info, who quoted Constantin Codreanu, the PMP candidate for the Deputy position in the Romanian Parliament.

Igor Dodon, the leader of the Socialist Party (PSRM) has warned before the second round of elections that he will withdraw the Moldavian citizenship to the former Romanian President Traian Basescu if he wins the elections.

Traian Basescu – an open supporter of the union between Romania and the Republic of Moldova – was sworn in as a citizen of the Republic of Moldova in early November, together with his wife Maria, saying that he fulfilled his “dream of having a valid citizenship across all the territory, from the western border to Nistru and a little bit beyond it”.

“President Timofti, by decree, has granted me the right to become a citizen of the Republic of Moldova. It’s a republic that is dear to me, as well as my country. It’s a republic to which I feel bound through culture, through education, through language, and especially through solidarity. Solidarity was the one that made me many times during the ten years in which I was a President, to take actions firstly in the favor of the Moldavian citizens and of the European course of this country, whose independence Romania has acknowledged the first in the world”, stated Traian Basescu before the oath.

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