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December 7, 2021

Braiconf Exclusive Tailoring, a service for the premium customer segment. Interview with Raluca Galeata, Marketing Manager

After more than 65 years of activity, Braiconf proves to be more than a tradition company, becoming a symbol of Romania and an example of success.  Which is the key of success and of the longevity of this successful brand?


The key of the success of our brand is respecting the promise we’ve made to our customers – the great quality of the products leaving the factory in Braila and the fair price we’ve always practiced. This was possible due to our passion for shirts.


Which are the traditional sales markets for the Braiconf products and which is the company’s strategy to conquer new markets and customer segments?


The Braiconf brand is currently present only at the national level, but as everybody knows, the factory in Braila produces flax for a series of very successful international brands. Of course, we think long-term to expand the retail part also at the international level – in Europe and in the US.


With such a consistent tradition throughout its history, Braiconf reinvented itself for so many times, to conquer new customer segments. What new surprises can expect the public that is loyal to this traditional brand “Made in Romania”?


We notice a growing up of the Romanian customer related to the appetite for quality products, especially in the fashion field. This allowed us to develop the retail part with premium stores and specialized “Made to Measure” services for shirts and suits. Besides, in December this year we will launch a specialized workshop in the “su misura” services, Braiconf – Exclusive Tailoring.


The “Made to Measure” concept is already a part of the Braiconf services portfolio and it enjoys a high interest from the customers. Which is the next step in the expansion of this concept also for the design of the own suit by the customer, not only of the shirt?  Can you provide us with details about the plans related to the new premium and exclusivist services related to the Made to Measure clothing, namely about launching the Braiconf Exclusive Tailoring workshop?


The new Braiconf premises, located in Bucharest, on the Aviatorilor Boulevard, addresses to the premium segment and was designed to provide customers with the opportunity to make “su misura” clothing in a sophisticated space, away from the traffic of the shopping centers. From the elegant interior, from the pleasant ambiance to the staff’s courtesy and professionalism, all these elements have been specially designed to eliminate discomfort of the shopping in a conventional space.

Making a suit at Braiconf Exclusive Tailoring lasts approx. 3 weeks. The prices for making a “Made to Measure”  suit start from RON 1950, since 1950 is the founding year of our factory. However, this price may vary depending on the fabric and personal details. Also in this workshop, customers benefit from free refinish for the products purchased in the Braiconf stores.

Because ladies often accompany their men at the shopping, they will find a dedicated space for them inside the new Braiconf workshop. Maintaining the personalized nature, our designers will make unique evening dresses for the special events in any woman’s life.


How large is the own stores network in the country, and which are the plans for its expansion?


We’ve opened two new stores this year – in Bucharest, at ParkLake Mall, and in Constanta, at CityPark Mall, so that the retail network has reached a number of 16 own stores. Next year, we aim to continue to develop our own network depending on the opportunities we’ll identify.

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