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February 4, 2023

Gabriela Firea responds to Nicusor Dan’s threat to have her impeached

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea claims that Nicusor Dan’s accusations levied against her are lies and accuses him of boycotting all of Bucharest’s large projects. On Sunday, she responded to his announcement that once she marks one year in office he will initiate a referendum to have her impeached.

“Of course I am ready! I’m always ready, in any situation. I carefully watched this mindboggling dialogue. It would be sad if it weren’t so funny. Look who’s talking, the man who promised he would come to save Bucharest and for 5 months he has done nothing but sabotage Bucharest. He is the most absent councillor, if one can put it like this.

“Everything Nicusor Dan has stated are bald-faced lies and I will take absolutely all measures to make sure this isn’t possible. An NGO from outside the country, transformed into a party that wanted to save Bucharest, is now boycotting all projects. They have 15 general councillors; 7-8 of them always show up at the meetings and oppose all projects for Bucharest.”

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea told a television broadcaster on Sunday, in an interview by phone, that the Save Romania Union (USR) leader Nicusor Dan is “the most absent general councillor” and she does not see how he could save an institution, a city or a country by playing truant and boycotting all good projects for Bucharest, News.ro informs.

“It would be funny if it weren’t so sad seeing who wants to organise a referendum to impeach me, precisely the man who came up with maximum guarantees that he would save Bucharest and has done nothing but sabotage the Capital in five months’ time. Firstly, he is the most absent – if one can put it like this – general councillor. I don’t know how he could save an institution, a city or a country by skipping the debates, skipping the proposals made within the General Council, and boycotting – through his colleagues – all the good projects for Bucharest. At any rate, that is a political group that is absent half of the time. Of their 15 general councillors, 7 or 8, 9 at most show up at meetings. On the other hand, this absence tells me they are in fact spending more time on Facebook and writing completely false things,” Gabriela Firea stated.

She claimed that all the accusations levied against her by Nicusor Dan are “bald-faced lies” and pointed out she will take “all the measures” to restore truth. “An NGO sponsored from abroad, which lied Bucharesters that it wants to save them, is now participating with nothing in making life better for Bucharesters and is fooling Romania that it wants to save the country; it has no way of ever winning against a person or persons, against a team that is working from early morning to late at night for the benefit of Bucharesters and Romanians,” the Bucharest Mayor added.

Firea also listed the projects “boycotted” by USR: the programme through which she wants to buy through SEAP (Electronic Service for Public Procurements) equipment with which to modernise hospitals and medical offices in schools; the consolidation of buildings vulnerable to earthquakes; offering a scholarship of RON 500 to each student who lives in lodging with an elderly person they are helping or to each student who provides tutoring; supporting small entrepreneurs.

“The RADET [Autonomous Heating Distribution Administration] issue was sought as an electioneering topic, every two days all those living in Bucharest were supposed to be threatened with having their hot water and heating cut off. I dismantled this diabolical plan and RADET has entered the insolvency procedure as a guarantee that a restructuring plan for this company will be approved within a reasonable deadline,” she added. “I’ve not seen more lack of skill and ill will than that shown by Nicusor Dan,” Gabriela Firea added.

Save Romania Union leader Nicusor Dan announced he is considering holding a referendum on impeaching Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea at the end of her first year in office.

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