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August 14, 2022

Mihai Daraban, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania: December 1st marks a historic moment, fundamental for the evolution of modern Romania

Dear Romanians,

December 1st marks a historic moment, fundamental for the evolution of modern Romania. We must all learn from the example of the vision and dedication of Romanians in 1918. It is also a good opportunity to convey to future generations the importance of sacrifice for the common good. Our nation has always found inner energy, strength and determination to build a better future, amounted to fulfill the aspiration towards unity and freedom.

Today, Romanians live in a democracy won through sacrifice, a democracy perceived nowadays, as a national asset. After more than a quarter century from the Revolution that changed the trajectory of our country, the Romanians firmly rooted the democratic citizenship. This provides two of the most important aspects of a sustainable economy: stability and predictability. Effective communication and predictability are absolutely essential for business, in building trade relations with foreign partners and also contribute to a credible and reliable image of our country.

In 2016, Romania registered the biggest economic advance of the 28 European Union member states; the growth rate is three times higher than the average growth in the EU, of 1.8%. This economic growth also results from the results of companies that have qualified in the National Top of Companies, the most important ranking of the business environment in our country, conducted nationally by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

Remarkably, the turnover achieved by companies in 2016 edition of the National Top of Companies has reached 135 bn. Euro, which represents an important advance as against the last few years. Compared with previous years, this value is very close to GDP at the national level in 2014, which was of 150 billion.

CCIR appreciates the positive economic developments of Romania during recent years, due to the increased growth of the consumption by the VAT reduction stimulation, but supports the adoption of a model of economic development based on investments and, to a lesser extent, on stimulating consumption. I believe that Romania must step up its efforts in public investment, but also in terms of attracting European funds, especially given that our country is today a reliable partner for other member states of the European Union.

For a great, prosperous and sustainable country, we must be united.
We must look towards the future with confidence and find ways to build more and durable, so that Romania can become stronger and more prosperous!











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