Minister-delegate for Romanians Abroad, Maria Ligor: December 1st is the day when we all stand together, in Romania or abroad

December 1st is the day when we all stand together, in Romania or abroad, to celebrate our national values, our heritage, our history and our culture.

If in 1918 we came together inside geographical borders, now we are moving towards a greater goal – that of uniting our effort to further our country in a way that would benefit all of us, regardless of where we are, in Romania or around the world.

We live now in a global society and enjoy the advantages of free movement, affordable means of transportation and online communication. Thus, we understand and respect everyone’s choice to live where they decide to, whilst at the same time, encourage everyone to remain connected to Romania. We need to change the way we define the relationship between the state and its citizens and this change comes with us owning up to our identity, our culture and our language and building a partnership based on trust, respect and solidarity.

This year’s work stands as proof that being together as partners favors us all, both individually and collectively. This partnership is the foundation on which we can establish a dialogue and define a joint agenda that reflects the true needs and priorities of Romanians abroad and at home.

We need now, more than ever, to look into the future and find the will and strength to come together, stay connected to our country, learn from one another and continue to contribute to a better today and tomorrow. And, as former Ambassador of Romania and currently Minister delegate for Romanians abroad, I know we have what it takes, I’ve heard and I’ve seen your wishes, ideas and enthusiasm! I wish you all a Happy 1 December!


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