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June 24, 2021

Romanian Post CEO: Company’s listing requires cleaning up the past

Listing the Romanian Post Company requires cleaning up the past and a good regulation of postal services, and decision makers need to coordinate the measures taken to help the institution prosper again, the company’s CEO Alexandru Petrescu said on Tuesday on the occasion of the Golden Telecom Day debate organized by the Mobile Communications publication.

“The company’s three-quarter economic indicators are good, but we only transfer this profit into managing the past. We still have huge debts and we are negotiating them with the creditors. We can never aspire to a future before we clarify what the past means. Listing the Romanian Post Company requires cleaning up the past, and a good regulation of the postal services. (…) 2017 should bring about the clarifying of the framework for the company’s operation. The policy for regulating the company and the decision-makers need to coordinate for the company to prosper,” Petrescu said, according to Agerpres.

According to the head of the Romanian Post, one of the highlights next year on the company’s list of priorities refers to the regulatory area.

“There are a number of landmarks in 2017 and I’ll start with the regulatory area. There are signs that the regulatory policy gets in line with the European policy and puts us in a fair position in relation to the private sector. Evidently, another activity level refers to the mitigation of the company’s past.(…) I insist that the Post Company’s financial situation is reflected in a clean audit report,” Alexandru Petrescu underscored.

The Mobile Communications publication, celebrating its 18th anniversary, organized on Tuesday the Golden Telecom Day annual debates and the 13th Gala of the IT & C awards.

According to the organizers, Golden Telecom Day offers a review of the most important achievements of 2016 and projections for 2017, with the 2016 Mobile Communications IT&C Awards Gala following the debates.

The technology book exhibition for Romania’s B2B segment is open throughout the duration of the Gala.


ANCOM’s Marinescu: The cooperation between communication operators from Romania on network


The communication operators from Romania intensely collaborate for a faster network development, and this is a good thing and the trend will deepen, stated the President of Romania’s National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM), Catalin Marinescu, on Tuesday during the Golden Telecom Day debate, organized by Mobile Communications publication.

“We are at a moment of counting results (…) An important element of this year was the Strategy for digital communications 2020 (…) How will the future look? Almost everybody will use the mobile phone, will record videos, so the technologic evolution is evident (…) in Romania, the trend is that service requests will become much more diversified. We will have people using electronic communications, but there will be also enough people who will not do that. In this regard, central and local administration has the role of promoting this trend. I have seen local administrations that implemented projects through European funds, and for example, one resulted in cars driving between blocks of flats and reading the meters. It does not matter that you communicate by the classic telephony or by applications. The distance between the two will be stumped. The third trend is connected to infrastructure sharing. We see in Romania how operators collaborate in order to faster develop their networks, and this is very good. This trend will deepen and will be a good thing. Electronic communication operators will also enter other industries and will try to capitalize the advantages that digital communications bring,” Marinescu said.

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