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August 3, 2021

Telekom Data Centres and cloud based hosting solutions

Businesses today rely on communication providers to ensure fast and secure access to the respective company’s resources. Considering the volume of information flowing daily, having the resources available remote, in a data centre capable of processing hundreds of thousands of commands in very short periods of time can contribute to the success of any business.

The new next-generation-data centre architecture, dedicated to virtual private server services implemented in the Telekom data centres from Bucharest and Brasov, is unique for the Romanian market as it allows storage and processing of huge volumes of data without the limitations of classic servers, on an integrated, unified and convergent architecture, without the restrictions of the traditional partitioning. This new architecture can scale any component individually (memory, disc or processor), depending on the needs of each company.

For example, a distribution company that has the CRM (customers’ relations management) application with all clients’ information hosted in the Telekom data centre, once the business develops and the number of clients increases, it will need more memory to run the application. This can be easily allocated immediately, from the Telekom cloud, without the need for that company to invest in equipment. Or, in the case of a large media trust that generates a lot of video content that needs to be stored and accessed, Telekom can offer the capacity that the respective business needs in order to run this content.

The new architecture is also capable to support demanding applications from a resources point of view, conditions that other suppliers in the market have yet to offer. A clear case is that of a large international developer of online maps applications that has high needs of data writing and access, (a volume of tens of terabytes of data). The company tried cloud storage solutions from the most important players in the market, but their infrastructures were not able to cope with the demands. The only architecture that withstood the tests was that of Telekom.

This architecture has the “unified fabric” system built-in – this unifies the storage and data networks, and the capacity of the ports, through which data passes, brings 8 time performance increase compared to the traditional model.

In order to ensure the highest service level agreement on the market – 99.999% availability – Telekom designed a technical platform in which every component has redundancy, meaning it is physically doubled, without a single point of failure (SPOF). Also, all virtual machines of the clients benefit automatically from the High Availability function that ensures uninterrupted functioning of virtual machines. In other words, it is like the clients receive two physical servers for each virtual server purchased. Especially for mission-critical applications of the clients, where every minute of downtime means loses, this being an important differentiator compared to other solutions available in the market.

So why cloud: normally, the on premise servers must be replaced every 3-5 years. Through cloud based storage and data processing solutions (VDC – virtual data server), the client has the possibility to have the newest technologies and equipment without having to buy and replace periodically the entire infrastructure. The Telekom specialists will permanently make updates and upgrades to the cloud platform, so as to avoid any activity disruption while no human resources are blocked in replacing servers.

“The demand of web-based IT solutions is growing, data centres being indispensable tools for business. The Telekom hosting services meet these needs, being a safe, sustainable and financial efficient alternative. Instead of having to allocate initial capital investments in local infrastructure, with high maintenance costs, clients benefit from a monthly deductible service that does not involve an initial financial effort”, says Ovidiu Ghiman, Chief Commercial Officer, Business Segment, Telekom Romania.

And since the data security in the cloud is one of the topics of concern for many companies, Telekom delivers the most mature virtualization technology in the world, with continuous upgrades and developments. All vulnerabilities are constantly analysed and update solutions for security systems are automatically sent.

Moreover, on https://www.telekom.ro/business/virtual-data-center/ , companies can apply now for a free test account for the virtual data centre, in order to determine exactly their specific needs.



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