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The Royal Train leaves for the National Day annual trip from the Sinaia Railway Station

Those who wish to see how it’s like to descend from a “blue blood” family, will have this opportunity at the half of this week. More precisely, on November 30 and December, when representatives of the Royal House of Romania will take part to the annual trip of the Royal Train, on the National Day, starting from the Sinaia Railway Station and going to Sibiu. During the trip, the Royal Train will make stops in several cities, in railway stations, for several tens of minutes, during which the public will have access into the cars, in order to visit them.

According to an official announcement made by the Royal House of Romania, Crown Princess Margareta and Prince Radu, accompanied by Princess Maria will take part to the annual trip of the Royal Train on 1st of December.

The trip will start on November 30 from the Sinaia Railway Station, and will end on December 1, in the Sibiu Railway Station. The trip of this will celebrate 150 years since the Royal House of Romania was founded and since the Constitution of 1866 was promulgated.

In the Royal Train will be present the Royal Families of Belgium and Bulgaria, guests of honor of the Crown Custodian being Their Royal Majesties King Simeon II and Queen Margarita of the Bulgarians, as well as His Royal Highness Prince Lorenz of Belgium. There were also invited into this trip Olympic students, teachers, civil society personalities and representatives of the local authorities.

In this context, the Royal Family has released the invitation to the people living in the cities were the Royal Train will stop – namely Sinaia, Busteni, Predeal, Brasov, Codlea, Fagaras, Avrig and Sibiu – to take part to this event honoring one of the most important acts of the modern history of Romania – the Great Union.

100_3157Specifically, the Royal Train will arrive in the Royal Railway Station of Sinaia on November 30 at 15.47, the access of the public being free for the welcome of the royal highnesses. In the same day, from 16.30 to 18.30, the Royal Train can also be visited in the Sinaia Railway Station.

After the departure from Sinaia, the first stop of the Royal Train “on the iron road” is scheduled for the December 1 in the morning, in the Busteni Railway Station, at 10.36, where it will stop for 17 minutes.

The second stop, also for 17 minutes, will be in the Predeal Railway Station, at 11.08. Next will be the Brasov Railway Station at 12.02, when the train will stop for 22 minutes; the next stop is scheduled for 10 minutes in the Codlea Railway Station.

The fifth stop will be in the Fagaras Railway Station and it will last 30 minutes, starting at 13.52. On the occasion of this stop, the Royal Family will visit, in the hall of the railway station, the photo exhibition called “The Royal House of Romania in Pictures”, designed by the artist and photographer Daniel Angelescu. In the Avrig Railway Station, the stop is scheduled at 15.23 and it will last 26 minutes.

It’s enough time, again, for the Royal Family to visit, in the hall of the railway station, the anniversary photo exhibition celebrating 125 years since the cornerstone of the Avrig Railway Station was put, and the opening ceremony of the construction works of the Sibiu-Avrig-Fagaras-Brasov railway.

The last stop of the train, on December 1, will be in the Sibiu Railway Station, at 16.35, where, as in the case of the other stops, the access of the public will be free. The Royal Train can also be visited in the same day, in the Sibiu Railway Station, from 17.00 to 18.30.

Reaching the destination, on December 1 in the evening, at Sibiu, the Royal Family will assist to the concert dedicated to the National Day, in the Thalia Hall of the State Philharmonic. Also, according to the decided schedule, during the visit in the municipality of Sibiu, the Royal Family will meet representatives of the local authorities and of the clergy, people of culture and art, as well as other representatives of the community in Sibiu.

But we have to mention that for the National Day annual trip, the departure of the Royal Train from the Sinaia Railway Station is not an accidental thing, given that Sinaia is the only city in Romania who can be proud of having two royal railway stations.

The old railway station has been built in 1886 by the General Directorate of the Romanian Railways, for King Carol I.

This is the place where the most famous train in Europe – Orient Express stopped (and it stops even today). We have to mention that there is also a commemorative plaque on the platform, reminding of the Romanian Prime-Minister Ion Gheorghe Duca, assassinated by the Iron Guard in 1933 right here. The other railway station was built between 1938 and 1940, at the order of the King Carol II, following the plans of the renowned Duiliu Marcu, the architect who designed in Bucharest the CFR Palace, the Athene Palace Hotel and the Library of the Romanian Academy, as well as the Opera in Timisoara. It’s a stone building bearing the royal insignia of the Carol II – the double sign CC which can be seen even today on the doorknob of the knobs – being exclusively reserved to the Royal Family and its guests; the building is equipped also with a shed for housing the Royal Train. In the official reception room, beyond the windows with heavy curtains, there is also a mural square painting of 5.50 sq. m.

Representing a princely hunting in which are included 8 characters in life-size, the fresco bears the inscription “Basarab Voievod, secol XIV” (“Prince Basarab, the 14th Century”). This room cannot be visited, but those who travel by train cannot easily forget the Sinaia Royal Railway Station, given hat, for instance, in the communist period, a presidential train brought here the American President Gerald Ford and Nicolae Ceausescu. And that is because until 1989 it was a “presidential railway station”, while starting with 1990, it began to be presented by the old name “The Royal Railway Station Carol II”, being used as an entertainment lounge.

Photo: The Royal Train , December 1st  2015, Craiova Railway Station, foto Daniel Angelescu, (c) The Royal House of Romania (1)

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