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May 6, 2021

Ciolos: I am prepared to build responsible government for next four years

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos has announced on Friday that he is prepared to build a responsible government for the next four years, emphasizing that the future government will, however, need the support of a strong political majority, formed of people with integrity that are dedicate to the country’s interests around the same principles of governing.

“I saw that there are some who are quick to say I’m undecided, that I am assuming role in electoral fight. On the contrary, I am very determined. I am determined to remain consistent to the faith I have in the future of this country, in the change it needs. I am determined to not make compromises for the sake of a position or only because ‘that’s how it’s done’ in politics. I am determined to keep my word and to assume in good faith my share of the responsibility. Democracy means that governing lies with those we elect to Parliament and that manage to form a majority. PNL [the National Liberal Party] and USR [Save Romania Union] have proposed to support me to continue to lead the Government if, together, they can form a parliamentary majority. Your vote on December 11 will say this. If the answer is positive, I am prepared and determined in my decision to build a responsible, open and honest government for the next four years together with these parties and with all those who want Romania to move forward,” the Prime Minister wrote on Facebook.

The Prime Minister emphasized his willingness to commit to such a project. “I am ready to commit to such a project because, for me, it’s not about the need to have the support of political parties to govern. It’s much, much more important than that. It’s about making a clear choice for a new way to do politics and to govern. It’s about a clear choice between the past and the future, for a Romania of common sense, of respect for honest work and against the perpetuation of corruption, lies and populism. It’s a choice I invite you to make together, all those who believe that Romania cannot afford to return to what was before,” Dacian Ciolos concluded.

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