Communications Minister: Ro-NET project may be finalized by next year end

The Minister for Communications and Information Society, Delia Popescu, has stated, on Friday, in a press conference in Alba Iulia, that the Ro-NET project – that envisages 783 localities in rural Romania getting broadband internet – will not be finalized this year, estimating that this could be possible by the end of next year.

“We have gone from the past financial exercise to the new 2014-2020 exercise. We will complete it, unfortunately for us, with this delay. It will not be completed by the end of the year, we are just now accepting completion for part of the 783 localities associated with the Ro-NET project, but we will not be done this year. We will certainly enter the next year, but we are not giving up on this project and we are continuing,” said the Communications Minister.

Asked when she estimates the project to be finalized, Minister Delia Popescu stated that it could be done by the end of the next year. “We can probably estimate for the end of 2017. For completion”, Delia Popescu concluded.

The Ro-NET project envisages implementing broadband internet in a number of 783 localities in the rural environment and is considered to be one of the largest communications infrastructure projects in Romania.

At the end of October, the European Commission decided to allot 45.7 million euro from the European Fund for Regional Development for the Ro-NET project started in the 2007-2013 financial exercise.

According to the Ministry, Ro-NET will cover 783 of the 2,268 localities identified as ‘white areas’ and this will contribute to reducing the digital divide between urban and rural areas, bringing broadband internet closer to 130,000 homes, 8,500 enterprises and 2,800 public institutions.

Minister Delia Popescu has participated, on Friday, in the launch conference for the “Alba Iulia Smart City” pilot project.

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