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December 10, 2022

HealthMin Voiculescu: Parents able to not vaccinate child, only if making informed decision

The Health Minister, Vlad Voiculescu, has stated, on Friday, that the Vaccination Law is in preapproval process, but also that it contains provisions to the effect of parents not being obligated to vaccinate their children, only if they are making an informed decision.

“The Vaccination Law is in preapproval stage. (…) The law has three large, important chapters. On one hand, it gives us the legal basis to ensure vaccine stockpiles, which is essential. If you have the legal basis, you can stockpile. If you have stockpiles, then you don’t run out of vaccines. The second thing that it does is that it establishes very clear responsibilities for each authority: be them family doctors, or the County Vaccine Commissions, be them the Health Ministry and other institutions,” the minister said, in a statement to the press.

He also referred to the fact that the Health Ministry will assume responsibility in case the vaccine has side effects. At the same time, parents will be forced to make informed decisions.

“The third thing that it clarifies is that it sets down what are the responsibilities of the ministry for any eventual side effects which, for the first time, the Health Ministry will acknowledge. It will say ‘yes, if there are side effects, the Health Ministry assumes responsibility’. Furthermore: what are the responsibilities of the parents, namely to be informed. They will be able to make the decision to not vaccinate their child, and to set down a vaccination plan, but they will do so only after they are informed. The law sets down the obligation of the family to be informed, to make an informed decision. (…) There are penalties, but the penalties refer strictly to the obligation of being informed, of making an informed decision,” he said.

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