Parliamentary elections 2016: Election body certifies IT applications used by Central Electoral Bureau to centralising ballot results

The Standing Electoral Authority (AEP) has certified to keeping unchanged and submitted to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) and the electoral competitors the IT applications for the centralisation of the 11 December 2016 parliamentary elections’ ballot results, a press release informs on Saturday.

In keeping with the communique, the AEP is carrying an attribution of the body established through Law no. 208/2015 on the election of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, as well as for the organisation and functioning of the AEP, republished, with the subsequent modifications and completions.

According to Art. 103 paragraph (1) letter (u) with the above-mentioned law, the AEP certifies to keeping unchanged 10 days before the election date the computer applications used by the BEC in order to put together the results of the ballot and puts them at the disposal of the political parties and organisations of the citizens belonging to the national minorities as enlisted in the electoral competition, at their request in black and white.


Political parties’ financial trustees record over 7.25 M euros for electoral campaign

The financial trustees of the electoral competitors participating in the 11 December parliamentary elections have declared and recorded at the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP) contributions for the election campaign worth 32,731,386.41 lei (over 7.25 million euros), according to a release by the AEP on Saturday.

The contributions’ value for the electoral campaign recorded by the said financial trustees of the political parties, political alliances and citizens’ organisations belonging to the national minorities is as follows: 11,254,097.70 lei – PSD (Social Democratic Party), 10,620,265.00 lei – PNL (National Liberal Party), 2,383,849.20 lei – ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats), 2,808,480.00 lei – PRU (United Romania Party), 2,523,498.00 lei – PMP (People’s Movement Party), 1,051,241.51 lei – USR (Save Romania Union), 365,763.00 lei – ANR (Our Alliance Romania).

According to the law, the contributions of the candidates for the electoral campaign could only be used after the date they are declared to the AEP, the release adds.

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