DNA’s request to have MP Eugen Bejinariu’s immunity lifted, postponed second time because of lack of quorum

The High Court Prosecutor General’s request and the bill on the request to have PSD MP Eugen Bejinariu’s immunity lifted were no longer put up for vote within the Lower Chamber’s plenum on Monday because of a lack of quorum.

This is the second time the Lower Chamber’s plenum meeting on the judiciary’s request in Bejinariu’s case no longer takes place, this being basically the last meeting of the current legislature. The meeting lasted less than five minutes.

“The fact that we are so few is deplorable. It’s the last meeting of the current legislature. We should have proved responsibility, we should have showed up for work, we should have done the duty we were elected for. Unfortunately, there are only 50-60 of us,” independent MP Remus Cernea stated at the rostrum.

He accused some MPs of showing up in Parliament only to collect their lump sum money.

“The parking lot is full of cars and I’ve seen that very many colleagues have come. The lump sum of money is probably handed out, they came to collect the lump sum and then they left. I’ve seen many colleagues leaving, not entering the plenum hall, and others are probably campaigning, asking the citizens for their vote for a new mandate in which they will skip meetings,” Cernea said, according to Mediafax.

“Allow me to take a selfie at this meeting, a historic selfie with the empty plenum hall,” the independent MP said as he took pictures with his phone.

Mate Andras Levente, leader of the UDMR group, came to the defence of the absent MPs.

“It is known that during the campaign many colleagues are working in their constituencies. This is the politicians’ role, to collect votes in the campaign. I cannot say those who haven’t showed up are guilty, it is not fair for us to argue because some are absent,” Mate Andras Levente said.

Lower Chamber Speaker Florin Iordache put an end to the plenum meeting, emphasising that only 64 MPs were present.

“Thank you for your entire activity. To those who are running in the elections, I wish you a lot of success. To those who are not, I wish you a lot of success in your daily activity. Allow me to express my joy to have been your colleague during this four-year mandate. God bless you,” Iordache concluded.

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