Cybersecurity the biggest challenge for 6 out of 10 Romanian IT specialists

According to a study conducted by an international company for IT solutions remitted to Agerpres, in the next three years, security and risk management represent the biggest challenges for companies’ IT departments assess 66 pct of Romanian IT specialists.

In the same top of IT departments’ agendas, the fast growth of traffic (40 pct of respondents), digitalization and cloud computing, topics which were indicated by 34 pct of respondents. A third of those questioned have signaled the necessity of reducing costs as one of the main factors which affected the IT department.

According to the study, 87 pct from respondents declared themselves quite preoccupied of the company’s IT security where they work, and 12 pct relatively preoccupied. Currently, only 14 pct from those questioned show security being an obstacle in the process of the company’s digitalization they are working in.

“With no security digitalization is not possible, and with no digitalization we cannot talk about evolution in the public and private environment. When we refer to digitalization, there is no point to ask ourselves if it will happen, but rather when. The fact that over half of the IT professionals who answered the questionnaire anticipate a major impact of digitalization upon the companies they are working in, is a proof of the market’s maturity. At the same time, the technological dependency, which is now growing faster than ever, raises the protection needs for companies, thus the topic of security must be on the table of the administration council of each company” the CEO of Cisco Romania, Dorin Pena, stated.

As the digitalization is much more poignant and everything is connecting, data becomes the most important capital of a company or a country. The ability to secure data and to utilize in delivering services on their basis represents a success factor. When questioned about the impact that digitalization will have on their companies, 51 pct of IT specialists anticipate a major impact, whereas 33 pct expect that their business strategy will be influenced to a certain degree by this trend in the following years (one up to three years).

According to the calculation of IT professionals, the market verticals where the digitalization is the most present is telecom (42 pct), followed by the banking system (38 pct) and technology (32 pct). A similar percentage of respondents foresee an impact of digitalization in education (26 pct), auto industry (24 pct) and health care system (23 pct).

When it comes to obstacles in the digitalization process, the Cisco Connect Digitalization Survey underlines that most of the respondents – 29 pct have identified the lack of budgets, 24 pct the lack of information on how the digitalization could help them and only 9 pct identify a precarious IT infrastructure.

The survey has been made in October 2016, among 250 IT specialists from private companies and public institutions from Romania.

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