Dacian Ciolos: I don’t know Soros. Ponta posed for photo with this gentleman

Premier Dacian Ciolos rejected on Monday the allegations that he is “in the pay” of billionaire George Soros, stating that he does not know him and that Victor Ponta and other members of his Government met the American businessmen on several occasions and posed for photos together.

“I don’t know this gentleman (George Soros – editor’s note). Sure, I’ve heard of him from the press, and I’ve read about him. I never met him. On the other hand, I saw that ex-Premier Ponta and other members of the Ponta Cabinet posed for photos with Mr. Soros, they met several times. I don’t know what they discussed with him, but they are the ones who are now trying to throw this negative image on this Government,” Dacian Ciolos told Adevarul Live.

He added that there are members of the Government who were previously active in civil society.

“The fact that there are people in this Government who come from civil society and who for years proved that NGOs have been more efficient than state institutions in many areas and the fact that these people, once they joined the Government, worked to render state institutions efficient, I don’t know whether that means to be in the pay of foreigners,” the Premier added.

He also rejected the accusations according to which he is allegedly “in Brussels’ pay.”

“This tendency to touch nationalist nerves, coming from those who have been in Government in recent years and who took many areas of Romania into poverty, and many of whom are now criminally prosecuted for the way they managed public funds. I don’t know what being a patriot and being a Romanian means in their view if they end up in such situations and have such results. You are implementing policies to keep parts of Romania in poverty,” Dacian Ciolos added.

He mentioned the period in which he was Romania’s European Commissioner and reformed the Common Agricultural Policy.

“The reform of the Common Agricultural Policy took money from those in whose pay some claim I am; I lowered budget allocations for agriculture in order to raise them for Romania and for other Eastern European countries. So, this is the way in which I am in Brussels’ pay. Due to credibility, we managed to attract investments, to create jobs in Romania and I believe Romania is starting to become credible from this standpoint too,” the Prime Minister pointed out.


“Higher turnout – the involvement I would like to see in more citizens”


Dacian Ciolos stated on Monday that a direct involvement of the citizens in the manner in which Romania is to look like in four years from now is needed and this should start with a higher turnout on 11 December.

“The involvement that I would like to see from more citizens (…) would be a higher turnout. I believe it’s important to not let others decide, it’s important to understand that, even with a more honest election campaign, these elections will probably have an impact, in one way or another, and definitely the elections will impact one way or another what is going to happen in Romania in the next four years. Therefore I believe that it’s important to take responsibility now, starting with the vote on Sunday,” Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos stated on the Adevarul Live broadcast.

When asked how will Romania look like in 4 years from now, if he is to remain in office, Ciolos responded that he wishes for the state to regain the citizens’ trust.

“It will look just as we make it, being based, in respect to what concerns me, on those reforms I have talked about. (…) Beyond the practical reforms in areas such as infrastructure, healthcare, education, economic development (…), I would want a Romania in which the state regains the citizens’ trust, in which the political environment regains the citizens’ trust so that we will have more Romanians who will get involved in the life of society, in the activities connected to the community spirit and to the community development. To have a Romania in which the fault between the most dynamic, with a development potential and the less developed will reduce as much as possible and to have, first of all, a Romania with more Romanians who will trust themselves, who will trust their country, without inferiority complexes. (…) I believe this approach always starts with direct involvement,” Ciolos added.


  “Romania should emphasise economic component of its strategic partnership with US”


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos also said Monday that besides the security component of the strategic partnership between Romania and the US, its economic component should be developed.

“I believe that right now, besides the strategic partnership aimed at security, which has developed and has been worked on a lot over the past years, we should be emphasising the economic component, (…) all the more so as the objectives of the US president-elect seem to include investment, the economy. I believe that Romania, one of the countries with the most sizeable economic growth in its geographical areas in Europe, can develop its partnership with the US by emphasising increasingly more often the investment and business potentials that could be developed between Romania and the US. (…) I also believe that by pragmatically addressing this partnership, Romania can build on what has been achieved so far,” Ciolos told Adevarul Live webcast on Monday.

He went on to say that the strategic partnership between Romania and the US has advanced irrespective of the US leadership.

“I believe the strategic partnership between Romania and the US transcends the tenure of a presidential administration there, and I also believe that the partnership has proved its solidity over the past years. Since entering this partnership, there have been several US presidents in office and each time, I would say with no exception, the partnership has advanced, because it is grounded in shared interests,” said Ciolos.


Topic of unification with the R. Moldova should not be used populistically in electoral campaign


It is necessary to have “a pragmatic discussion” on the unification of Romania and the Republic of Moldova, and this topic should not be used only “in a populist way, in the election campaigns”, the Prime Minister, Dacian Ciolos stated for Adevarul Live.

When asked if the unification of Romania and the Republic of Moldova should be an objective, Ciolos said that this subject should not be swept “under the rug”.

“I do not think that this subject should be swept somewhere under the rug. But we should have a very pragmatic discussion on this topic and it should not be a topic used only in the populist approach, in the election campaigns, because it is not helpful to anybody and, first of all, it is not helpful to citizens from the Republic of Moldova, nor from Romania. It is important to see the reality as it stands in the Republic of Moldova and in Romania. And I believe that no topic should be avoided, but it should be debated rationally and pragmatically, and now we should take the best decisions in order to improve the relations between the two countries”, PM Ciolos stated for Adevarul Live.

According to Ciolos, the Republic of Moldova remains a special partner for Romania.

“Regardless of Igor Dodon being elected, (…) as long as the Republic of Moldova assumes a democratic path, a path of economic development, based on economic performance, a European path, it will have the Romania’s support and, clearly, the Republic of Moldova continues to be a special partner for Romania, irrespective of who is governing it. (…) What Romania is doing for the Republic of Moldova is not addressed to those who are temporarily, long-term or short-term, leading the Republic of Moldova (…). What Romania is doing for the Republic of Moldova is, first of all, addressed to the citizens of Republic of Moldova, in order to help promoting the economic development, promoting prosperity, promoting and supporting the democratic institutions there (…). I believe that this is the most efficient way, practically and pragmatically, we can prove the saying ‘Blood is thicker than water’ to be real”, Ciolos stated.

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