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September 21, 2020

Mystery surrounding PSD’s nomination for PM’s office seems to lift. Do Social Democrats nevertheless have a surprise nomination in store?

The mystery surrounding the person that PSD will nominate for the Prime Minister’s office after the parliamentary elections seems to be lifting as the days left until Sunday’s elections are growing fewer in number. Relaxed by the outlook of winning the elections, as shown by the latest polls, the Social Democrats have increasingly leaked names of potential Premiers.

The latest names named in this sense were Liviu Dragnea, Rovana Plumb and Eugen Teodorovici, ex-Premier Victor Ponta being the one who revealed them.


Ponta: The future PM will be proposed by PSD; it can be Dragnea, Plumb or Teodorovici


Former PM Victor Ponta has stated on Monday, in Tulcea, that the future PM will be proposed by PSD, with the support of ALDE and PRU, if this party will enter the Parliament, indicating to this end three names from among the Social Democrats – Liviu Dragnea, Rovana Plumb and Eugen Teodorovici.

‘I believe it will be a Prime-Minister proposed by PSD, obviously, supported by ALDE, I am sure it will be supported by PRU, too, if they enter the Parliament. A PSD member who candidate, who worked on the government program, I mean it can be Liviu Dragnea, it can be Rovana Plumb, it can be Eugen Teodorovici’, stated Victor Ponta in a press conference.

He pointed out that PSD has the most competent people for the Minister positions. ‘It’ not important if Teodorovici, Ponta are on the position x or y. The important thing is to form a competent Government, because we have the experience of the previous years, with very good ministers, with ministers who weren’t so good, and you saw what happened this year, when you bring people who don’t have the appropriate skills and they are learning on our expense. It’s really bad, you lose time and money and important projects. I believe that PSD has the most people who are well prepared, and if I think at many ministers who were our colleagues into the Cabinet, I believe they’ve learned very much and they are very good, and probably many of them will be in the next Government. But let’s see what people will vote on Sunday, and let’s talk about positions and seats later!’ mentioned Victor Ponta.

The former PM has labeled the current electoral campaign as a ‘weird’ one, given that, according to the source, PSD is the only party having a government program. ‘I have never seen such a campaign. A single party has a government program, namely PSD. The others don’t really have a government program, and PNL was expecting us to be arrested, so they could come to government. Well, this is not happening. I am sorry that Mr. Iohannis is not talkative anymore. In the beginning of the campaign, he was very talkative, but later somebody probably warned him, saying to him not to do more harm. When he’s talking, we can realize who he is. Otherwise, it’s a weird campaign’, Ponta stated.

He criticized the current Government, claiming that ‘almost nothing is done in Romania since one year’.

‘One year, Romania has frozen and it probably will thaw on Sunday, but we’ll take it from the beginning again, as we did it in 2012, and we’ll work for two years to fix what happened this year. (…) Ciolos Government was a platform for Mr. Ciolos and his ministers to reach better paid positions in the European Commission, EIB or EBRD. For them, it was a year of improving their CV and getting bigger salaries when they’ll leave. That was it. Only that everything was on our expense, so maybe next time we’ll be careful not to make such mistakes’, Ponta added.

On Monday afternoon, he met in Tulcea around 300 Social Democrat members and supporters, then he left together with the PSD candidates at the parliamentary elections, to meet the voters in several localities from the county.


Dragnea: Ponta spoke in a personal capacity


Asked by journalists to comment on Victor Ponta’s statements regarding the possible PSD premier , Liviu Dragnea responded that Ponta spoke in a personal capacity, and not on behalf of the party.

On the other hand, Antena 3 quotes stireazilei.com in saying that PSD nevertheless has a surprise nomination for Dacian Ciolos’s replacement at the Victoria Palace, namely Romanian Ambassador to the U.S. George Maior.

Maior was the only Romanian diplomat who came forward with a brief, unsolicited message in reaction to Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijiarto’s request related to Romania’s National Day. Szijiarto asked all Hungarians diplomats to boycott the festivities organised by Romanian embassies on December 1. George Maior’s message, issued two days after Romania’s National Day, took the public space by surprise. There are voices who claim that Maior is in fact preparing to take over the Government after the December 11 elections which PSD is expected to win by a landslide.

Moreover, Maior will meet Deputy Premier Vasile Dincu in New York, on December 17. The meeting comes against the backdrop of the annual gala that brings together the most successful Romanian businessmen based in the American metropolis, an event organised by the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce.

Nevertheless, at the end of August, Maior categorically rejected the idea that he is interested in the Premier’s office after the December elections: “I was never interested in this position. I’m Romania’s ambassador to Washington. Topic closed,” Maior stated.


Basescu: I am the best Prime-Minister that Romania could have


PMP President Traian Basescu also aims to reach the PM position. The former head of state stated on Monday that he would accept to join the government after elections along with PNL, if Liberals would offer him the PM position, arguing that he is best suited for this position, given the accumulated experience.

“Nobody can impugn my experience. Can’t you see that whenever I say I am the best Prime-Minister that Romania could have, nobody reacts? (…) I have accumulated too much experience and I know too well the country and the state, to let anyone say that he’s better than me. (…) Nobody is irreplaceable.  Other person can also a very good Prime-Minister of Romania, but I am the best. Without saying that I’m perfect” stated Basescu in a meeting with the local press, held at the Parliament Palace.

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