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June 13, 2021

Victor Ponta refuses a PNL-PSD Government: I will resign the first day!

Asked if he will resign in the case of a PSD-PNL Government, Victor Ponta answered: “I will definitely resign the first day. First, I will vote against it. PSD decisions are PSD decisions, I understand and I respect them. But how can I go on the street telling people that I am the same guy from the last week who was criticizing Ciolos, and now I came to tell them that I support Ciolos? Well, excuse me, I myself would throw in me with eggs or tomatoes”.

The former PM also stated that if PSD will not succeed to form the majority, it can remain in opposition. It wouldn’t be for the first time. PSD has governed three times in the past, and it also has been in opposition three times: “It’s not the end of PSD either if it will be governing or if it will be in opposition”, wrote DCnews.


Victor Ponta has revealed what position he targets in the new Executive formed by PSD


The former Prime-Minister Victor Ponta underlined that he will not refuse a specific position, even he was PM.

“If PSD needs me as a Secretary of State for Cults and Culture I will not say no, ‘cause I’m not hard-nosed”, Victor Ponta stated for DCNews LIVE. After he was warned that if he wants to have this position, he has to resign from the Parliament, Victor Ponta stated: “Maybe I overreacted. If I am useful in the relationship with the Parliament, I will not be hard-nosed for the reason that I was a Prime-Minister”.

The former PM warned that 2017 will be a very difficult year, because people have lived in 2016 from what PSD collected in 2015, while in 2017 it will be very difficult and PSD must have a very good Government, because otherwise it will reach 20% from 42%.

Asked if he heard the rumors according to which he will be the future Minister of Foreign Affairs or Finance Minister, Victor Ponta answered that he didn’t hear them. He continued: “Let’s see. Let’s start with the Secretariat of State for Cults. I am not ironical. Mr. Opaschi himself, who had that position during my term, has made a lot of good things and taught me many things”, wrote DC news.


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