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September 18, 2021

Alina Gorghiu about Dacian Ciolos: Would be glad to also hear him say he will vote for PNL

PNL President Alina Gorghiu stated on Monday evening that she would also like to hear Premier Dacian Ciolos say he will vote for PNL in the December 11th elections.

“He talked very nicely about PNL. Just last week he came up with a message that gladdened our party members. I’m also telling you that I would be very glad to also hear him say he will vote for PNL. (…) The fact that he is part of this partnership, that’s what it means. (…) I don’t believe the Prime Minister will have any hesitation to publicly say whom he is voting for and what message he has for voters,” she said on RealitateaTV.

Alina Gorghiu stated that the PNL-Dacian Ciolos partnership is “biunique.”

Last Friday, Dacian Ciolos pleaded in favour of USR and PNL, calling the former “a political party bearer of hope” and the latter “a political party with democratic tradition,” stating that Romanians must make a clear choice between the past and the future, for “a Romania of common sense” and against the perpetuation of corruption, lies and populism.

“I thank them for that, I thank their members and all those who want something else from politics. I thank them because they understood and had the courage to assume governance values and principles before any electoral promise. USR is a young political party, bearer of many hopes, currently undergoing consolidation, a political party that will next prove it has moved from good intentions to actions. A new political party, with new people, some of whom I had the pleasure to work with within the Government this year. PNL is a political party with almost a century of democratic tradition, a political party which, in the last quarter century, has experienced multiple transformations and evolutions. It’s a political party I know fairly well. There were mistakes, but there were also moments in which it showed it can transform in order to move on. I believe PNL is the political party that has started to understand what you are expecting from the political class and has started a process of change – taking a first step by eliminating from the party lists candidates with legal problems of a criminal nature, by making an infusion of new candidates for parliamentary elections,” Dacian Ciolos said.

The Premier rejected the allegations that he is electorally irresolute.

“I’ve seen some are in a hurry to say I’m allegedly irresolute, that I’m not taking on the electoral battle. On the contrary, I’m very determined. I’m determined to remain faithful to the future of this country, to the change it needs. I’m determined not to make compromises for the sake of some office or just because this is “how it’s done” in politics. I’m determined to keep my word and to assume, in good faith, the share of responsibility that falls on me. Democracy means that governing falls on those we elect to Parliament and who manage to form a majority. PNL and USR have asked to back me in order for me to continue to lead the Government if they jointly form a parliamentary majority. Your vote on December 11th will decide this,” Ciolos added.


On Sunday evening, we will say with whom we will govern. PNL will win over 30 pc of the votes


PNL President Alina Gorghiu stated on Monday that the Liberals will announce on Sunday evening whom they will form the Government with, claiming that PNL will win over 30 percent of the votes.

“PNL will obtain a score sufficiently good to allow it to form this Government that Romania wants. (…) At 11-12 p.m., I will tell you with whom we will form it. (…) It’s not about luck, it’s about mobilisation. (…) I won’t give you a percentage. (…) It will be more than 30 percent, from direct votes. Nor are we nervous we will not mobilise,” the PNL President stated on RealitateaTV.

She added that the Liberals are still facing “two dangers.”

“Election boycott is a powerful weapon for PSD. (…) There are two dangers, voter turnout, the higher it is the more votes it means for the right wing and Dacian Ciolos and a better result,” Gorghiu explained.

Asked how did PNL manage to drop from 45 percent in the polls to current levels which vary from 22 to 30 percent, she stated that the Liberals never had 45 percent. “PNL’s score was never 40-something percent, that was an artificial score. It was a score that President Klaus Iohannis obtained,” Gorghiu stated.

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