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January 26, 2022

Constitutional Court postpones to 14 December challenges to law amending pay ordinance

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) on Wednesday postponed to 14 December the debate on the two challenges filed by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Government on the law amending the ordinance regarding the public employees’ pay.

“It was postponed for a thorough study of the files. The reports were filed only yesterday [Tuesday] and we, the judges, didn’t have the time to examine them, and a thorough study is necessary to hand down a correct solution,” CCR President Valer Dorneanu said on Wednesday.

He pointed out that the file will most likely be merged with the one referring to the law on slashing 102 taxes and fees.

A constitutional challenge to the law on the approval of GEO No. 20/2016 amending and supplementing GEO No. 57/2015 on the pay of the staff paid from public funds was formulated by 65 deputies belonging to the National Liberal Party parliamentary group, and the other challenge was filed by the Government.

The Chamber of Deputies adopted on 7 November 2016, in plenary sitting, GEO No 20/2016 with the amendments brought by the expert committees, which provide for wage rises of 15 percent on average in Education and Healthcare.

PM Dacian Ciolos subsequently announced that the Government is forced to ask for a constitutionality check in the case of the law adopted by Parliament. “We are compelled to ask for a constitutionality check of this law that was adopted, and I want to be very clear: this constitutionality check is only aimed at the law amending the emergency ordinance and not the emergency ordinance as such,” Ciolos pointed out on 8 November.

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