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March 4, 2021

CultureMin Suteu: Having a movie at the Oscars is not only artistic, but also political project

To have a movie at Oscar is not only an artistic project, but also a political one, and countries that have understood this aspect knew how to put in action the institutional and financial instruments for this, the Minister of Culture, Corina Suteu, stated for Agerpres.

Corina Suteu attended these days the Making Waves-New Romanian Cinema, which takes place from 1 to 8 December at Jacob Burns Film Center, in the neighborhood of New York City.

“I believe it would be good that the future government and the future administrations of Romania, that will be at rule starting this year, take care of this topic, as it is an important one. To have a film in the Oscar competition, to enter the short list of selected films for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film is not only an artistic project, but also a political one, and the countries that have understood it knew how to trigger institutional and financial instruments to this end. I would have done it, too, if I had the necessary time, but I believe that it is a thing worth mentioning,” Suteu underscored.

When referring to Cristi Puiu, the director of ‘Sieranevada’ movie nominated this year to the Oscar for the best foreign movie, Corina Suteu has rated the Romanian director: “he is, definitely, one of the most powerful creators of the New Wave”.

He “is definitely one of the most powerful creators of the New Wave, the one who has initiated this barrier break the moment in which in the 2000s he came up with ‘Stuff and Dough’ and he completely revolutionized the aesthetics of the Romanian film so far. He proposed a new style, a new aesthetic universe, he proposed a new screenplay universe and a new reading of reality in the manner in which he made his films. I believe that all that make the secret, as everyone asks what is the secret of Romanian cinematography’s international success. Well, the secret is simple. There has been this group of very talented people, with a particular creative force, who convinced the public everywhere through what they have done. They stirred interest, emotion and made this public react. Cristi Puiu is one of these very, very powerful creators,” has underscored Corina Suteu.

According to the Minister of Culture, the Romanian cinematography (…) has had an impact on the interested public of European cinema, and Romanian cinema in general, and in the last 10 – 11 years, in the United States it also became a real topic of discussion for artistic circles.

“Through cinematography, a true interest emerged for the entire creative and cultural area of Romania, and this was also the reason why I said that cinematography is during my tenure a priority, which traditionally maybe the culture ministries in their public policies would rather declare the heritage or contemporary creation, but cinematography is rarely seen as a priority. However, I thought that cinematography must be a priority, especially because in terms of institutions, administration and legislation, we were lagging behind the outstanding quality of the creation in Romania”, Suteu said.

She mentioned that “the impact on the communities here is very important”.

“Therefore, the impact on the communities here is very important, because Romanian films have definitely brought an interpretation of the reality, which was interesting both in New York, where there is a very cosmopolitan public, we have a great Romanian diaspora, but also here, at Jacob Burns Film Center, where there is an eminently US public, leaning politically to the right I would say, because it’s a wealthy area around New York and we had to face a very different public, but which, each year, for five years, has become devoted to the Romanian film. I believe this is very good, because we have developed a curiosity on an area in Europe and we have developed a curiosity about the creatives in Romania”, Corina Suteu said.

When asked to what extent a left-leaning public would be interested in this festival, the Minister of Culture has specified that the “term is improper”, as well as the “right-leaning public”, aiming to underscore that at Jacob Burns, where there is a predominantly conservator public, Republican by tradition, the Festival Making Waves has the same success.

“It is interesting that although at Lincoln Centre, where there is a very cosmopolitan public, New Yorker, with an entirely different cultural profile, an entirely different cultural background, different training, different expectations, the Romanian Film Festival had a resounding success, but also at Jacob Burns, where we have a more conservative public, Republican by tradition, a public of a high age average, as it is an American public of people who generally have right-wing orientations, in particular, different from that of New York, it is not necessarily a Democratic community, the festival has the same success. It addresses a very diverse public, and this is because it presents films of a special artistic quality”, Corina Suteu specified.

The Minister of Culture, Corina Suteu, the founder of Making Waves – New Romanian Cinema, promoter of the Romanian cinematography in the USA, participated this years at the festival’s edition. Making Waves – New Romanian Cinema brings to the USA the best movies of the year – “Bacalaureat”, “Sieranevada”, “Illegitimate” and “Scarred hearts”.

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