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March 5, 2021

Elena Udrea about the former ICCJ President, Livia Stanciu: I know how she became President, it’s not honorable for her. She delayed Iohannis’ file

MP Elena Udrea has stated on Monday for Gandul.info that she knows how the former President of ICCJ (High Court of Cassation and Justice – e.n.) Livia Stanciu became the head of the institutions for the first time, “and this is not honorable for her”, announcing that she will bring more details to this end after December 11.

“I know exactly how Mrs. Stanciu became the head of ICCJ for the first time, and it’s not honorable for her”, Udrea stated. She didn’t want to provide more details, saying that she will, after the date of the elections, not to “jam” the campaign.

She stated that she was involved both in appointing Codruta Kovesi and Livia Stanciu.

“There are things that these people obviously don’t want to be revealed. They’ve tried to eliminate all those who know things about them, because they could have prevented them to exercise power like they do now”, claimed the former PMP President, adding that this was the stake of removing Traian Basescu from politics or of the attacks against her and other people from around the former President.

She added that it’s very difficult to be a judge at the High Court without having the support of SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service – e.n.), the magistrates being forced to return “the favor”.

Udrea explained why Klaus Iohannis “hangs from the system’s ropes”.

“Because Mr. Iohannis has an immunity that will last only as long as he will have this position, although he said that he will waive immunity when he was in campaign, but politicians say crazy things in campaign. But his wife doesn’t have immunity and there is written in a Court’s decision, it’s true that it’s a civil law decision, but it’s written that his wife and his mother in law have used false documents to purchase some real estates of the family, which can be investigated by DNA anytime. On the other hand, I know how judging on Mr. Iohannis’ incompatibility was delayed at ICCJ through Mrs. Livia Stanciu, until he became President. I believe that if it would have been judged before, the solution would have been different. The judgement was delayed by Mrs. Stanciu at Mr. Coldea’s intervention”, explained the Deputy.

Udrea accused of being coward the elected persons and the Romanians willing to be “informers” for SRI.

“We are a nation of people who are glad to turn into informers, into collaborators, making a title of this. We don’t need to be listened by anybody, ‘cause we are so willing to go there and tell, collaborate, who knows, maybe we’ll receive a support from their side someday. The system should be responsible in front of the parliamentarians, but all of them are feared to death. People are weak, they are coward, who can stay against one guy who can handcuff you next day?” she detailed.

“We, PDL, other politicians have also grown with this system that was forming behind what could be seen”, concluded the independent candidate.

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