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October 5, 2022

Ten-month arrivals in tourist accommodation establishments up by almost 11 pct YoY

January – October 2016 arrivals in Romania’s tourist accommodation establishment were almost 11 pct higher YoY, topping 9.43 million, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) announced in a release.

“Of the total number of the arrivals in hospitality facilities over Jan. 1 – Oct. 31, 2016, Romanian tourists accounted for 77.1 pct, while foreign tourists accounted for the rest of 22.9 pct; both figures are close to those registered in the similar period of the year before. Most foreign visitors came from European countries (74.8 pct of the total) and of these, 85.7 pct were from EU countries,” INS said.

Overnight stays in tourist accommodation facilities totaled over 22.197 million, up by 8.5 pct from Jan. 1 – Oct. 31, 2015. Romanian tourists accounted for 81 pct of the total number of overnight stays at tourist accommodation facilities, while the foreign tourists’ overnight stays were 19 pct of the total. Visitors from Europe accounted for the highest share of foreign tourists’ overnight stays in accommodation facilities (73.1 pct of the total foreign tourists) and of these, visitors from EU countries represented 83.8 percent. The average stay between January 1 – October 31, 2016 was 2.5 days for Romanian tourists and 2.0 days for foreign tourists,” INS informs.

The net occupancy rate of accommodation places in the said period was 31.8 percent overall, by 2.2 percent higher than in the similar period of the year before. The net occupancy rate was 40.1 percent for hotels, 26.1 percent for ships, 25 percent for tourist villas and 23.9 percent for bungalows.

Of the total number of foreign tourists who checked in with Romanian tourist accommodation establishments, 249,800 came from Germany; 217,400 from Israel; 198,700 from Italy; 125,200 from Hungary; and 126,300 from France.

There were 8.795 ml incoming foreign visitors registered at border checkpoints between Jan. 1 – Oct. 31, 2016, up 10.2 percent compared to the similar period of the year before.

Most foreign visitors came from European countries (92.9 pct), with the EU accounting for 54.1 percent of the total arrivals to Romania. The EU countries providing most visitors were Hungary (28.6 percent), Bulgaria (27 percent), Germany (8.7 percent), Italy (7.5 percent), Poland (5.6 percent) and France (3.7 percent).

Departures of Romanian visitors abroad in the first ten months of this year stood at over 13.833 million, up 24.5 percent YoY, with 69.3 percent thereof using road transport for the trip.

Both tourist arrivals and overnight stays in tourist accommodation establishments this October were higher YoY by 8.6 pct and 4.7 pct, respectively. Arrivals of foreign tourists registered at Romania’s border checkpoints were 11.5 pct higher this October from October 2015, while departures of Romanian visitors abroad were also 44.2 percent higher YoY.

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