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Hungarian PM Viktor Orban in Satu Mare: “Hungarians have nothing to celebrate on December 1st, Hungarian diplomacy did the right thing”

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban considers that Hungarians have nothing to celebrate on December 1st, so Hungarian diplomacy did the right thing when it chose “the sincere and honest path” and banned its diplomats from taking part in Romania’s National Day events.

Present in Satu Mare on Thursday and asked at a press conference what were the reasons for which Hungarian officials were not allowed to take part in Romania’s National Day receptions and how will this influence Romanian-Hungarian relations, Viktor Orban stated that it is better “to honestly take on the conflict rather than being two-faced,” Mediafax informs.

“I’m a traditionalist and I believe honesty is the best method, albeit sensitive points are concerned, here we have a sensitive diplomatic point. But it’s better to take on the conflict honestly rather than being two-faced. Hungarians have nothing to celebrate on December 1st, so they don’t, which is an honest attitude toward Romanians too, because at least we are not lying. I consider that Hungarian diplomacy did the right thing when it chose the sincere and honest path,” Orban said.

According to him, there are developments in the life of the Hungarian community in Romania, in the Romanian political world, which could endanger the life of that community.

“Here I am talking about trends. We believe that, from time to time, the Hungarian community is not respect as it should be, however we consider this can be put in parenthesis in case of a positive approach from Romanian politics. If Romania manages to choose a proper political leadership and if the Hungarian community is willing to cooperate, it will only stand to gain. We are prepared to cooperate, but the Magyars in Romania have to be aware that unless they take part in the electoral process, unless they represent their interests, unless they represent themselves as a community, then the community will simply be neglected,” the Hungarian Premier stated.

Orban added that it would be good for Hungarians in Romania to defend their interests and work in favour of Romanian-Hungarian cooperation.

“Because the fate of the Hungarian community in Transylvania also influences the nature of Romanian-Hungarian relations. I would like to ask all Magyars living in Romania to take part in these elections in the highest number possible because this will influence their quality of life, the fate of localities, political relations, but will also influence Hungary, because it is our interest too, the interest of people in Hungary, for the Magyars in Romania to go out and vote,” Orban Viktor said.

In his turn, UDMR President Kelemen Hunor stated at the same press conference that Sunday’s elections are “crucial” for the Hungarian community in Romania, because reforms in several fields will take place in the upcoming period.

“We want to have a say in the taking of these decisions; there are 1.3 million Hungarians in Romania who consider that their national identity and culture is important and should be preserved. I thank FIDESZ, the Hungarian Government, for the support offered in recent months. Supporting the aspirations of the Hungarian community in Transylvania is natural,” Kelemen said.

On Thursday, Hungarian Premier and FIDESZ President Orban Viktor met UDMR President Kelemen Hunor and local UDMR leaders in Satu Mare.


Dacian Ciolos: Viktor Orban’s statements are inelegant and inappropriate


Premier Dacian Ciolos stated on Thursday that the statements that his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban made about Romania’s National Day are “inelegant and inappropriate” and that, although they were made in an electoral logic and with political goals in mind, the Hungarian Premier should be more reserved.

“Premier Dacian Ciolos considers that the statements that Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban made in Satu Mare today, preceded by statements that Hungarian high officials made about Romania’s National Day, are inelegant and inappropriate,” Government Spokesperson Liviu Iolu said.

He added that Orban’s statements are, “obviously, made in an electoral logic, with political goals in mind.”

“Premier Ciolos considers that the Hungarian Premier should show more reserve in making such statements. Respect for a country’s national values and symbols is an integral part of the set of values on which the EU and NATO are based, organisations whose members both Romania and Hungary are,” Iolu stated on behalf of Premier Ciolos.


Liviu Dragnea: Ciolos has a ruling coalition agreement with UDMR, why didn’t he react to Hungary’s officials?


Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea rhetorically asked on Wednesday, at a press conference, whether Premier Dacian Ciolos has some sort of agreement to form the future parliamentary majority with UDMR and whether that is the reason why the Head of Government did not react to Hungary’s officials.

“I’ve seen the reaction of Hungarian officials, unfortunately I did not see the reaction of Romanian officials – I’m talking about state authorities. I’m not saying let’s pick up the clubs and leave for Hungary from the Arch of Triumph. Likewise, I want us to make a very clear distinction between Romanian citizens of Hungarian ethnicity and the Hungarian state,” Dragnea said.

He pointed out that the lack of a civilised but firm reaction is not good, is not correct, and stated that any overture, any statement and any action that puts into doubt Romania’s statehood must be censured very rapidly.

“I’m not wondering how many welfare recipients are in some county. I’m wondering why did the Romanian Premier not have a reaction? Does he have an agreement with UDMR for the future parliamentary majority? Because, arithmetically speaking, this is the only way they can form a majority – hard to believe. PNL-USR-UDMR-PMP. Could this be the reason why they had no reaction? I hope it’s not,” Dragnea concluded.


Hungarian official: Romania’s relations with Hungary have deteriorated since 2012


Hungary’s relations with Romania have deteriorated since 2012, according to Zsolt Semjen, Hungarian Deputy Premier, and Zsolt Nemeth, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Commission of the Hungarian Parliament, the Hungarian officials suggesting that Budapest should not have tolerated some of Bucharest’s attitudes.

The two Hungarian officials held a press conference in which they discussed Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto’s idea to ban the presence of Hungarian officials at the Romanian National Day events organised by Romanian embassies, and the statements that Romania’s ex-President Traian Basescu made in response to that idea. In this context, Zsolt Semjen and Zsolt Nemeth pointed out that Romanian-Hungarian diplomatic relations have deteriorated since 2012. Asked whether the Hungarian side has any responsibility for this situation, Zsolt Semjen stated, per Index.hu: “I have a clear conscience.” The Hungarian Deputy Premier suggested that Budapest should not have tolerated some of Bucharest’s attitudes.

“Of course, just as the Romanian Foreign Ministry deemed in the answer it gave on December 1, such statements are not in the spirit of the European values Romania is defending. We have very clearly transmitted this to the Hungarian side, through all channels, including through the Hungarian ambassador to Romania, but also Romanian Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu transmitted this to his Hungarian counterpart on the margins of the NATO ministerial meeting that is taking place in Brussels these days,” Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ionut Valcu stated on Wednesday when asked for the Foreign Ministry’s comments on the recent statements made by some Hungarian officials, statements according to which Romanian-Hungarian diplomatic relations have deteriorated starting in 2012.


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