Number of individuals with outstanding debts to banks, NBFIs drops to 611,613 in October

The number of individuals registered at the Credit Bureau with over 30-day outstanding debts to banks and non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs) dropped 83,439, to 611,613 in October, as against September 2016, reads a release by the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

As regards the outstanding debts, it’s value in October reached 8.49 billion lei (around 1.88 bl euros) of which more than 2.87 bln lei in the national currency, 4.03 bln lei in euros, 1.53 bln lei equivalent in other currencies, and 51.4 mln lei equivalent in US dollars.

Considering the category of the delayed payment, the bigger than 90 days outstanding debts counted for more than 4.62 bln lei.

The BNR data also reveal that there existed outstanding debts worth 57.2 mln lei with a 61 – 90 day delayed payment, 39.6 mln lei with a delayed payment ranging from 31 to 60 day, respectively.

The total value of the off balance report credits exceeded 1.86 bln lei, and 1.92 bln lei – at collecting.

The outstanding debt regarding the credits given to the companies and population rose to over 13.5 bln lei, at end-October, the sum being on a downtrend by 40.8pct as compared to the end of the same month of 2015, the BNR data inform.

Of the outstanding debt total, rd 4.6 bln were recorded in Bucharest.

The total amount of the loans exceeded 221.5 bln lei, at end-October, higher by 2pct as against end-October 2015.

The non-performing loans (NPL) ratio was 10pct in September.

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