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May 17, 2021

Rural tourism and Romanian traditions promoted at European Parliament

The hotel industry and the traditional craft products as means of developing Romanian tourism were the theme of an event which started on Tuesday in Brussels, in the presence of European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu and several representatives of the European Commission and European Parliament.

The event, organized by S&D MEP Maria Grapini, takes place at the European Parliament and enjoys a numerous international attendance, and focuses around an exhibition bearing the same name. Guests from the Republic of Moldova are also invited.

At the conference which opened the event, European Commissioner Corina Cretu underlined that tourism is one of the main pillars of Romanian economy, being not only a powerful economic sector, which offers jobs, but also one of the most important factors of European integration for East-Europeans.

“Tourism is one of the main pillars of European economy, it is not only a very powerful economic sector, which offers jobs for 9 percent of the EU labour force. (…) For us, Europeans, especially for those who come from the Central and Eastern Europe tourism is one of the most important factors of European integration because the completion of the internal market facilitated, in the past 25 years, the free movement of goods, services, the free movement of people, of millions of economic exchanges. However, tourism also has done a more important thing – it allowed 500 million Europeans to meet, to know each other better, to contribute to the construction of a European identity,” the European Commissioner underlined.

The official told the tourism representatives who were present in Brussels that for the next four years a series of research projects regarding tourism, development and technological innovation are eligible, including innovation services and clusters (incubators of travel services, demonstrative).

The event in Brussels ended on Tuesday with a tasting of Romanian traditional food products and with the opening of the exhibition titled “The hotel industry and the traditional craft products – means of development in Romanian tourism,” which ends on 8 December.

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